Friday, March 23, 2007

Who said "The grass is greener in Nebraska?"

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Believe me, it isn't. It is still brown.

When I worked in the watch factory [one of my other lives] they guys there always said the grass was greener in Colorado.

Then they would add, "if I only had enough money to get out of town, I would go there [Colorado]."

The farm in the distance not behind the utility pole is my dads.
That is where I was born and grew up.
It's still brown in NW Illinois, too, but with all this rain it should be greening up soon.
Hi Jim ~~ The grass here is brown too
though we did get an inch of rain last week. Your Dad's Obit is very nice.
Thanks for your comments and I have really enjoyed having Peter here for the few days, and sorry it wasn't longer. Maybe next time!!
Take care, will think of you tomorrow
always sad to lose a parent no matter what age they are or we are.
Reards, Merle.
Thank you Merle.

This morning I have tempered (?) a little, and I must put that Colorado wish in context.
It was in the 1950's and in Lincoln, Nebraska. The economy wasn't good there and for the factory workers if appeared Colorado had a lot of new air defense type contracts.
The watch factory closed while I was on my first U.S. Army hitch.
That is some flat country Jim. It's green here for the most part. You are still in my thoughts as you go through this difficult time. Take care.
Give the grass 10 days and we'll be green.
Hey Jim I hope that you are doing o.k. Been thinking about you lots. We all have in the Harwood Circus. Hugs to you.xx

P.s. We have no grass here. lol Just hmmmm cactus.
The grass is just starting to get green here in Michigan. Spring is just right around the corner.
Aw so nice Jim!! Betty got a lot of pictures of some of these guy's relatives the other day as she and her husband were scouting the country side for pictures! I think that the birds are celebrating that the spring weather is finally arriving!
And our grass is already green!! Just looking for the dandeloins now and the lilac bushes to bud!...Love Terry
Gidday Jim,
It's been brown here for a long time.We are in the middle of a long drought and level 5 restrictions begin next week here, whereas we won't be able to water gardens, clean cars etc at all.
To answer a few of your questions
I've tried to take lightning photos before but without any success.
I usually write my blog at evenings, usually late. It often takes me a few days to complete, depending on the size of the post.
No, we never were fearful of highwaymen, even in some of the most lonely spots we camped and some of those places were way out in the middle of nowhere.

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