Saturday, April 14, 2007

Amber Can . . . . . . . Do her blogging laying down

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No, she can't play the piano like this one (link to YouTube), and no she can't flush the toilet like this kitty (another link to YouTube).

But she sure can get cozy when she's on Mrs. Jim's computer!

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That is just the cutest thing.
My 2 kittens like to walk all over everything and be nosey. So I have to keep them out of the coputer room.
Good to see another cave dweller comin' to live at new Blogger Jim, you'll love it once you have a good look around.
She is guarding it I think!!

So you finally switched over huh? That little annoying box is a pain about the secure and insecure stuff, but......
Make that secure and NONsecure!! HAHA
Hi Jim, slowly making the rounds.
Adi can Amber Can.
Mrs. Jim said Amber was reading about Whistler, British Columbia last night.
That is what the picture on the screen is about.
Amber likes the pictures better than the words, each says a thousand words to her.
Awww I wish that I could lay down and do my blogging. Arnie likes to blog too in front of the computer.

Take care xx
Gidday Jim,
Me thinks most cats can find any place to sleep and make it look so comfortable. I'm spending my Friday nite catching up with all my blog friends where I haven't looked at their blogs for a week, so it's gonna be a late nite.
Answer to another of your questions..
nope,sorry there was no tucker (food) left over for a doggie bag from the Easter Monday get together.

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