Thursday, April 12, 2007

Haley Scarnato, on YouTube

This is her last American Idol episode.

That Haley Scarnato sure had my vote. She still does, where can it count now?

It may help some that she is a clean-cut down home type American girl [read the Yahoo News article below, jeans are her fav] from Texas, down San Antonio way.

Here, she also reminded me of one of my favorite ZZ Top [also from Texas] songs, Legs (video link). (video link to my blog with the ZZ Top video)

Bad news though (link to Yahoo news):
"Simon Cowell suggested on Tuesday's program that Scarnato was using her curve-hugging, leg-baring attire as a "tactic" to stay in the competition."

Oh well, you can see it all on this video by American Idol. They cut off comments too, at a mere 31. I'm glad the video is still on.

In case your can't hear the sound here, go directly to the American Idol YouTube at

Want my opinion? American Idol's loss, Haley's gain!

Oh dear.... I didn't care much for her singing but I think that Simon was very harsh.

Take care xx
I didn't care for her singing either and I certainly didn't like her hairdo. Also, every week she showed more of her legs and the short shorts were a bit much. Singing contest, not a beauty contest. I know you guys liked her but it certainly wasn't for her singing. lol
Not a fan of the show Jim so I can't comment.
Hi Jim, Happy Easter, sorry I havent had a chance to visit everyone of late, just been busy school holidays and all.
Take Care

Little Jen

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