Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Underweight, Normal weight, Overweight, or Obese? -- Outhouse anyone?

I know where I stand sit, do you? Check yourself here (link) and instantly know your BMI, or Body Mass Index.

We don't ask and you don't tell, unless you want to brag about yours.

While you're at it, read about controlling your weight, find some recipes, and assess your risk.
The Old Outhouse isn't what it used to be


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Too bad the tree fell on it. Of course no one was inside, just a whole lot of memories left there waiting.
You can buy a brand new one in kit form for around $449.00.
Go here
Cliff Morrow left a very nice comment. Thanks, Cliff.
He also left a reference to a nice outhouse poem you might like. (link)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This outhouse we had was a two holer. I don't remember anytime that there were two people in there together.

Then why were there two holes? I may answer in a couple of days. Or you can furnish me with one.


I hope you had a fabulous Easter!
Good post and links. Now I know where to shop for an outhouse.
Hubby fixed our computer problems.
Huggles and Love from our home to yours,
Jim, check out the above. Are you familiar with that poem? I had it as being written by James Whitcomb Riley but maybe not.
My great uncle was a hermit, lived alone, and had a 2-holer. My guess is that one would alternate holes, so as not to fill 'er up too quickly...
Too bad the outhouse has fallen into such a state! Don't see too many of them anymore, but I know where a few are still. I sure am glad we can now use the outhouse in the house!! HaHa!!
When I was just a little two year old kid Jim, I took a tumble into one of these things.
Apparently my mom and aunt laughed so long and hard that I pretty near drowned before they plucked me out!
Some family story that is,eh?
It is no wonder that I became the tallest kid in my whole family of five sisters and three brothers!!

My dad said when he was a kid there was a whole lot of pushing going on as he and his gang flipped the out houses over on Halloween night...He was a bad boy!!

Just think of all the Sears catalogues that were needed in those days, eh Jim?.........Terry
hay Jim, Mrs. Jim!

have a great day!
Thanks guys.

Seeker knows why there are two holes.

Raggedy, it is good that you are blogging again!

Cliff, thanks for the link [I put it out front].

Rachel, I have seen your previous outhouse posts and know your fondness for their beauty.

Terry, all I can say is that you are well fertilized.

JEL, I haven't checked out your clouds yet this morning.
Got to go now, to do Wordless Wednesday over at
PTL I am in the normal weight category. Loved the outhouse picture, it reminds me of days gone by when we visited my Grandparents cabin Up North.
You are such a stinker for posting about the out house! My dad said they used old corn cobs for tp? And pooooor Miss Terry having fallen in the crapper. Last night on the history channel there was a program on the advancement of modern day plumbing. Of course, there was a whole segment dedicated to the out house. A guy named Mr. Crapper had some (flush toilet) claim to fame over in Europe and when our soldier boys came home from the war, they brought back the phrase "using the crapper" ...
Two seaters are great for girls. We always go the outhouse in pairs.
Lori, your weight program did good! I should have started with you, but I would still be going on it.

Hi Mrs. Mac -- We used corn cobs in emergencies, Sears catalogs had first priority.

I guess they know what they are talking about with that Mr. Crapper. It sounds like Army talk. I thought it from a human by-product, c**p??

Misty, when at a restaurant with couples I generally ask for a fellow to go with me. I never, never, had a taker.

BTW, my sister, Lois, hasn't commented but she would accompany me when I was small.
Even though she was five years younger I liked her company, standing guard outside the door.
my granny, had two holer,
it still stands but it is just a shell of it's former self!
Gotta admit Jim, I'm not one of the mourners for the old outhouse, some traditions are best let go off>

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