Thursday, May 03, 2007

Flash! Adi has been elected president!

She is the president of Terry's Rainy Day Pet Club (link).
See her in her office here.
Amber is there too (link).
Thanks, Terry, for doing that.

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Now that Adi is president I guess you better be on your toes Jim!! She is in command now!

How wonderful that she was elected president. I think she will do well in that spot!
She would be better than another woman running I can think of.
I heard you had a little shower down there. Looks like it.
Adi is such a sweetheart Grampa Jim!

Amber wants to know if she can stay till Monday because there is going to be a really exciting
"Deal Or No Deal" on.
She already told me that she is NOT the least bit interested in watching her hero on "Oprah" tomorrow.
I'm not interested and neither is Bernie.
I think on Amber's part she is a little bit jealous because Howie is her hero.
What business does that Oprah have in making him her guest??

Amber finally confided in me that she thinks it would be fun sliding around on Howie's bald head and making a grab for his earring!!
Don't blame ME Grampa Jim.
Aftre all she is Karen's girl, not mine!!...From Terry

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