Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish everyone, including my mother and mother-in-law, a happy mother's day!!! This morning, I was greeted by Billy & Amber and a wonderful mother's day gift of new golf shirts - along with a Diet Coke!!

Mothers come in many fashions.... sometimes, we are true mothers by way of a biological child or an adopted child, we might have a pet that we really feel like we are their mother (after all, we nurture and feed them just as we would a child), or we might be a 'bonus mother' for a step-child.

As I was thinking about what a mother really is, the following came to mind:

M - Many band-aids are in her purse, as she is always there to lend aid
O - Our #1 cheerleader, even when we feel there are none
T - Thankless job at times, seeing her child succeed is many thanks enough
H - Hours of prayer & love (sometimes tears) are spent on her precious child
E - Every time we call, she always reminds us how much she loves us
R - Raises & teaches her children to remember that nothing is impossible!

I hope everyone has a fabulous day and happy mother's day!!!


Hi Karen!! Good to see you posting! Mothers are a special breed, no doubt about it! Enjoy your Mother's Day!!
Hi Karen...What a NICE picture!!
I hope you had a really good mothers day and I hope that Amber and Adi will be good kids while their grand-pappy is away.

Just remember to let Amber watch "Deal Or No Deal" and you will see how well behaved that she can be.
She will not have any time to be pinching poor Adi!!

Hey! You better give that Adi a bigger serving of grub than your dad does!!
He is starving the poor little girlie, Mama Karen!..Love Terry
Thank you Karen. You are special and a great mom also. I appreciate your sweet thoughts. Love, Mom
Hi karen. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day also. and Adi and Amber are behaving themselves.
Hi Karen,

Thank you and a belated Happy Mother's Day to you.



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