Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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Do you and your mate make each other promises that you never will keep?

I have several times promised in all sincerity but chances are that I will never keep them. You won't know what they are.

In our married life, Mrs. Jim has [foolishly ??] promised items that she doesn't keep. This was alright with me although I would benefit greatly had she kept her promise. Three of these promises were made under circumstances which any of us might make. And since they are little humorous situations, Mrs. has consented for me to write of them.


First Promise: "Honey, what would you like me to make you for breakfast?" Has your mate ever asked you this? Then by all means, order a good one.

I didn't, we were just back from our honeymoon; I missed an opportunity for a lifetime of gourmet breakfasts.

That morning I said, "No thanks today, I'll just have my usual half granola bar."

Mrs. Jim has never asked again what I wanted for breakfast. IT AIN'T GONNA' HAPPEN.

I really don't hurt for eating, Mrs. Jim is an excellent cook. She does make me some very good Saturday morning breakfasts. Her biscuits are the very best, even better than those her mother used to make.

Mrs. Jim cooks fancy too. She seasons scrambled eggs with herbs and puts all kinds of nice extras them. She finds the best sausages or cooks the ham in the most tasty way. Her waffles or pancakes are made from scratch. And she knows just what kind of fruit I like best.


Second promise: "I'll rub your feet any time you ask." Getting my feet rubbed is almost next to going to heaven for me.

Mrs. Jim and I had been to a marriage improvement seminar. The speaker had been sounding very credible and his suggestion for the wife to freely rub her husband's feet hit a nerve. In our past I had ask a lot for a foot rub but Mrs. Jim seldom consented.

That night she promised twice to be liberal with her foot rubbing, once a whisper in my ear at the seminar, the second time in the car on our way home.

As I said, the speaker was very impressive and influential, but again, like I'm saying, IT AIN'T GONNA' HAPPEN.


Third promise: "Since your hand is hurt, I'll scrub your back." This was a very recent promise after my fall while on holiday in Ireland. But, again, IT AIN'T GONNA' HAPPEN.

So I'm showering with a bag, a shower cap-like plastic bag on my left hand. Try scrubbing your back with one of these on your hand. It does keep my finger splint dry.

I know and understand how sorry Mrs. Jim was feeling for me. Most of us would make that promise to an injured loved one, wouldn't we.

So: What to make of this? Each of these promises were made in special circumstances: being a newly wed bride; put on a small guilt trip in an emotional setting; and feeling for a hurt loved one.

How would you treat your promises like these?

Have you ever made a promise that just wasn't meant to be?

Have you ever been denied a promised treat?

My answer, these things are part of why we love each other so much. The shared results help bond us in an even closer relationship.

Status Report:
1. I'm going to my knee orthopedic doctor today for an evaluation of my right knee. It and my leg don't swell so much now but still hurt a lot.
Doctor report--the Xrays this time showed a broken knee-cap. It may or may not be from an old break. He sent me to get a CT scan but the results aren't to the doctor yet. I probably will get a call later this evening.
In the meantime I'm wearing an 'immobilizer' for three weeks. If it is a recent break surgery will be required to repair it. If it is an old break, then immobilize it for three weeks and come back. [I'll post a picture of this device, maybe tomorrow.]
2. Tomorrow I will go back to my hand specialist orthopedic doctor. He should take the splint off my finger and just splint the two middle fingers (left hand) together.
3. We are planning some visits: to New York City; to Nova Scotia; and back to the Isles for our Scotland golfing at Turnberry and to visit family roots in the Isle of Man.

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Hi Jim ~~ I hope you are feeling better after your accident. It ain't gonna happen was quite good but I thought you might have got some help in the shower as plastic bags are a handicap. You missed on the brekky one. As for the foot massage, did you offer to massage Mrs. Jims' feet in return? That might work and is very relaxing. I enjoyed my visitors, as no doubt you did yours. As we get older, I think we appreciate seeing our loved ones more. Take care, Jim and
I hope your doctors give you good news. Regards, Merle.
Thanks for the stories and the laugh this morning.

I'm still praying for a full recovery for you.
Nice post Jim.
Great picture of the cake Jim for your wordless Wed. pic! It still looks yummy though!

Getting your feet rubbed is a real treat. It feels so good!! Sounds like Mrs. Jim is a fine cook. Made me hungry hearing about all the good food she can cook!!

Thanks for the update on your body. I hope you don't have to have surgery. The places you are planning to visit sound great! I do hope when the time comes that you will keep your feet on the ground and not go trying to fly down steps, or any other acrobatics!! :)
Every time I ask my husband what he wants for breakfast all I get is an "I don't care, what ever you want to make." That drives me nuts!
Heal up quick, so you can make those travels!
Hi again Jim ~~ Thanks for your comments. The rain was wonderful,
we just had to be patient until it came. So all blonfes are the same, the bottle kind and the natural ones.
Hope you are felling better. Take greater care, Regards, Merle.

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