Friday, May 04, 2007

It's June Bug! . . . . . . . . . . . No, It's May (2007) Bug!! . . . . . . . . . . . .Does "Hero" here have pretty legs?

[click picture to enlarge]
This guy's name is "Hero."
Hero is a nice, friendly, long-leg, thin brown conehead katydid, species neoconocephalus triops.**
We call him Hero because he is one. One day our dog, Adi, was playing out on the golf course, which we call a part of our extended backyard. It was a hot day and the grass was wet from the afternoon watering.
I wasn't watching Adi very closely, as it was pretty hot day, Texas Spring, for me to be outside--outside our nice airconditioned house.
The neighbors have a large German shepherd called Vaughn Braum who is never allowed outside without his leash. This day was the exception.
Right away Von Braum Vaughn Braum spotted poor Adi. Needless to say Adi's brisstling back hair didn't scare Vaughn away one bit.
Vaughn was poised to maul poor little Adi right there in the open, now being witnesses by several neighbors. These neighbors were making a loud commotion trying to call Vaughn off, to no avail.
Adi didn't retreat, but stood her ground firmly, even after the first attempt at her throat. I'm proud of Adi.
But being proud didn't save the day. It was Hero to the rescue.
Hero, unbeknownst to us, and for unknown reasons, had lodged herself in Adi's right ear.
Proabably out of fear for the large shepherd, Hero jumped out and clamped her jaws right down on Vaughn's left eyeball.
That was enough, Vaughn, yelping all the way, ran back to her house. Adi came home pretty fast after that, generally she mozies home at a leisurely pace.
Since then we have kept Hero on our back porch. She doesn't care to have a cage, we did get her a plastic 8 x 8-inch box and keep plenty of fresh greens and water there for her.
I don't know how long she will live, we are thinking she will probably die before winter. If not then we have a warm place for her in the kitchen window.

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** Conehead katydids have their cone shaped nose protruding forward beyond the base of their tennacles.

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Hi Jim ~~ I am so glad that Adi wasn't hurt and that "Hero" saved her
That was a great story with a happy ending. Thanks for comments, glad you liked the post. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Good for Adi, for standing her ground. It's always a good thing to have a bug stuck somewhere, I guess.
Hi again Jim ~~ Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the post and the Free gifts. They are all so simple, but can do so much.
Take care, Chers, Merle.
It's gettig a little deep in here isn't it.
Hi Jim . Oh im so glad Adi didnt get hurt,and stood her ground .
Hero too the rescue
zaetbknaHi Jim.
Glad to hear Adi came through her ordeal ok.
Hero can bug me anytime!!
Gidday Jim,
Three cheers for Hero. Good to know that Adi is okay. How did you know Hero was in Adi's ear?
Good old Hero!!! Way to go!! That is a strange pet though Jim. Maybe you are depriving her from the company of the ones of her own kind??
What a wonderful little bug to save Adi. Her name is very apt.
Cheers Margaret

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