Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Jail again for Jim -- Adi on YouTube doesn't really care!


See it too at Jim1Jim1's YouTube (link)
. [or if you can't hear the Adi audio]

They caught up with me!
I had heard I'm a wanted man

So it's off to jail again. I will miss you guys, maybe for good time they will trade some Internet cafe. If so, I might lurk around the blogs. Maybe even comment or write a blog.

Karen and/or Billy have been invited to post some while I'm gone.

Don't be looking for me anytime soon, Adi and Amber are in good hands over at Billy and Karen's.

For Jim's Wordless Wednesday, go here. It has an Adi picture today.

Turnberry, Scotland

Would they send Paris Hilton here too!

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Adi says, "Where's the rest of my food??" Didn't take her long to finish that off!

Enjoy your jail time Jim. I'm sure you will. Maybe you'll get to see Paris Hilton while you are there!
Hi Jim ~~ Enjoy whatever you are doing for a month - doesn't sound a very long sentence. Hope all is well.
Thanks for your comments - yeah let's eat the dessert first -- just in case
I am sure you will miss Adi more than
she will miss you. Take care, Cheers, Merle.
How fun! I pray you enjoy your time in jail (hee, hee). Pay me a visit when you return so I can follow you again. I really enjoy your post.


Dear Jim...Thank you so much for praying for my dad.
I really appreciate it...Love Terry
HI Jim Enjoy your trip and have a great time in jail,im sure Adi will keep an eye on and stop Billy and Karen from changing your name...
BTW. Im Jeanette the only one that blogs or visits from from my site if Cazz visits it would be under cazz... take care have a great time away dont spend to much money
Awww I loved seeing Adi. OH my and now I know how to say her name. You were a bit wobbly with the videoing there Jim. lol

Don't stay in jail too long.

Take care and have fun xx
Aw,,,Adi misses me!!What a darling she is!!..Love Terry
You are starving the poor little thing Grampa!
Well, I guess no one's going to have the guts to say it, so I will:

Such terrible manners...a real embarrassment to doggykind.

I'll trade places with you! You can come and watch Nathan while I sit behind bars. No, ... oh, well then, be that way. I'll read about your "time" later.
Hi Jim.
Poor Adi she waited long enough to get her food,no wonder she didn't come when you called her.
And when you are in jail who knows they may not let you out.Ha!Ha!
See you when you get out???

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