Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Little British

Although I had been to London many times before working for a British company and many of my favorite shows are 'British comedies,' there were many things I never thought about! Part of my job is to prepare the slide decks for when the executives visit. Well, this is a busy week.... we have a Group Vice-President (who is a woman and was named Veuve Clicquot's woman of the year a few years back) and our new CEO. He just came in office a few weeks ago. Like I said, there are many things to remember:
  1. There is no 'z' in the alphabet, only an s -->optimize is optimise
  2. Favor is spelled 'favour'
  3. Process, is said is if the 'Pro' was a stand alone word followed by the 'cess.' Progress is the same way!

The list could go on, but you get my drift! Have you ever seen the show 'Keeping Up Appearances' with Hyacinth Bucket? You would think to say it bucket, but she prefers it to sound like bouquet!

Randomness, yes I know! But, it was something I thought about today as putting together the slide decks!

I hope everyone has had a great day! I just can't believe we are already to mid-May! Tomorrow, I am going to Nordstrom's to hear Trish McEvoy, herself, speak in person and talk about make-up, etc!

See you tomorrow!

Oh, I love the British comedies!! Especially Last of the Summer Wine and Keeping up Appearances!! Wonderful shows!! I just wish KUA would have run longer! Oh poor Richard!!
As Hyacinth would say, "I have a pearl-white slimline push-button telephone with last number redial. I also must mention my very expensive Royal Doulton with the hand-painted periwinkles."

Love it!!
Dear Karen...That is the same way that we spell words...Favour, favourite.
Your color gray is grey to us, honor is honour,humor is humour,
license is licence, program is programme, etc etc etc!!
Mind you though, Karen if I have my choice, I always spell the American way!
Except I never pronounce zed as zee!!!

Hope you and Adi and that Amber are all doing fine.
You are doing a GOOD job on your dad and mom's blog!!...Love Terry
Hi Jim ~~ Looks as though Billy and Karen are holding down the fort in
good fashion.
Glad you are getting an early release
- don't tell me it was for good behavior? Thanks for your visit and I am relieved not to have surgery on my eyes. Just aging eyes, and though aging isn't wonderful, it sure beats the alternative!! Take care, Merle.
Oh You are Merle!
Jim was mentioning you on my comments and I didn't know who you were!
I had to have a cataract operation when I was 30 and the one good advantage of it was that I had such good sight afterwards that Bernie never gets with anything because now, I can see like a hawk!..
I am glad that you don't have to worry about surgery on your eyes though.
I just betcha' that Jim and Mrs. Jim were praying for you!!...from Terry

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