Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today is Wordless Wednesday

GC#4 is Home Alone with a friend

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To be continued....

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He must be rather loud since she has her hands over her ears!!! I like seals!
Oh what a cute picture Karen!
How could anyone abuse such a nice creature?
They are so sweet!!
I agree with Rachel..I like seals too!..Love Terry
I love this picture. Way to cute.

Take care xx
Nicegoing, Karen. We are borrowing the landlady's computer tonight here in Waterford.
Did you kiss that 'grey' guy there? Some do!
Nice Photo Karen the little fellar looks a bit frightened there
Hi Billy & Karen,

that wasa cuet picture! :)

was goint ask how Jim and Mrs Jim are, but I see from the comments that they are ok!

take care
Dear Jim...I am so glad that you are home!
I really appreciate it that you came to my blog.
I hope that everything went well at the doctors with you.
You can't get sick because there are just too many of us that love you and need you , so you better tell that Adi to look after our three special people, you, Mrs. Jim and our Karen!!
Maybe she should just keep an eye on poor little Amber too,eh? Love Terry

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