Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The view last night from our back porch -- Wordless Wednesday

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You need to put up a "no fishing" sign out there...
Oh I miss green grass.

Great picture Jim.

Take care xx
The one tree looks so lonely! Great photo, and happy WW!
I could live in this neighborhood. Wow, nice.
Is that rain out there? Looks like a watered golf course :) Happy WW!
Wow that is some rain! Happy WW!
u got a nice place! very nice view...
We just got deluged with rain as well - quite an event in West Texas!
Turn off the sprinkler then!!!

Do you live on a golf course?
Simply beautiful...

Makes me want to run around there ;D
WOw!!! I want green grass as well

Im inviting all WWers and anyone else to join the scavenger hunt we started today on my blog. We are having a a great time and we have over 80 people playing!! and we have some cool prizes! It just started so there is plenty of time to sign up. Hope you will join us!!!
Hello Jim, what a lovely view. Get your rubber boots on.
Rain, rain, go away!

Looks like it's too late. Happy fishing:-)
Very nice Jim!
Wow. It looks really wet out there.
Very wet! It looks like a nice yard though.
wow beautifull rain soaked paddock we need some rain here
Did you put on your hipwaders to go outside? Looks like you needed them.

Thanks for visiting my WW.
Gidday Jim,
We need some of that water really bad. We are in the worst drought ever. I've forgotten what green grass looks like. Mine is brown, dead brown.

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