Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June Bug . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yes, It's June Bug (2007)

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We caught him! This is the mean little leprechaun who pushed me down the stairs while we were visiting in Ireland.

I ended up falling down a few very hard stairs. The fall knocked a finger out of joint and broke my right kneecap. I'm still recovering.

Read about that nasty incident (click here) on my May 26, 2007, blog.

The little June Bug leprechaun was found hiding out in a gift shop in Killarney.

We knew right away we could capture this little guy, kidnap him back to the states, and give him to our youngest granddaughter (GC#4 link). Then she would keep him locked forever with her collection.
Isn't her collection nice? I counted 25 here, there are a couple of duplicates.

She looks pleased, doesn't she? When her relatives travel, her first request for souvenirs is to bring her back snow globes from where we visited. We brought her six this time, five were from some of the states we had visited going and coming, then of course the captured leprechaun.

Here are the places she has in her collection:

Snow globe list
1. St. Petersburg
2. Paris
3. Seattle
4. Calgary Canada
5. Ireland
6. Tower Bridge London
7. Minnesota
8. Denver
9. Buckingham Palace
10. Whistler
11. Alabama
12. Chicago
13. Traverse City Michigan
14. Ohio
15. Arizona
16. San Francisco
17. Virginia
18. Iowa
19. Calgary Canada
20. New York
21. MGM Las Vegas
22. Kentucky
23. Pennsylvania

Her immediate goal is to be able to get them from every state in the Union. Later on she will concentrate more on the different countries and perhaps some logical collector themes.

Just in case you have one around that is collecting dust, you could mail it down to Texas. It would be most appreciated by this little lady!

Note: Click on these links for a huge version of each picture. Click on each picture for a full screen size.
Top picture link
Middle picture link
Bottom picture link

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I sure pray you recovery fully! I love all the snow globes.
Dear Jim...Now if you always want to keep up with the news, you will have to join the Pilgrim Pals blog.
David Fisher says I can give the number to anyone we can trust. so if you want to join, let me know. That way you can keep up with prayer requests and even put your own in and write a nice post now and then.
Let me know ok?
In the mean time I have made this comment with the pilgrim pals site.

I think I better lay down after I say good night to BP and Karen...from Terry

I have left my poor sore mug shot on the site just now!
Bernie had to help me.
Hi Jim. He looks a happy Leprechaun to me,A lovely photo of granddaughter with her collection of Snow globes...
Nice collection. Sorry I don't have one to add to it... but I'll keep my eyes peeled.
Glad you got that little green imp put away. Take care of that knee!
That Terry is a mess, and injured badly with stitches. You can check on her at Pilgrim Pals.
[June 19 post there]
Hi Jim ~~Your granddaughter has a nice hobby, collecting the snow globes. So you was pushed by that
little leprechaun - - I thought you fell - silly me. Thanks for our comments and for the tip about Googling various things to ponder etc. BTW getting out for a duck in cricket is not good at all, it's the worst score a batsman could get.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
I hope you will visit snowdomes.com! There are so many beautiful snowglobes from all over the world.
Hi again Jim ~~ Glad you captured that there leprechaun. It is past time to write my b;og, but I'll get there. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Hoping you're healing from your little "push" from the "leprechaun" ... you and Miss Terry are quite a duo!
In answer to your question ... I don't know much about Miss Terry's injuries ... she' been pretty tight lipped about her "accident" ... I did tell her over at pilgrim pals that if she needed handcuffs to use on Bernie, I'd send my dh up there to "take care of him" ;)
Nice snow globe Jim! I see Karen has a KY one already. A friend of mine is trying to collect one from each state. She has most of them already.

Actually I think I do have one that will probably be a collector's item someday!! It's very cute and I have no use for it. I'll e-mail you for your address.

I thought you fell down those stairs all by yourself. Shame on you for blaming the poor Leprechaun! :)
Man why didn't i post the snow globe stuff on my blog after all they are my snowglobes. Anyway like i have said before thanks for the advertisment.
That's because that Grampa of yours beat you to the draw BP!
It was Adi's idea because she was jealous that you put Amber in such a nice picture on your blog!

Yes Jim, I might have to get that Adi to fly over.
Bernie is getting way too into going out with the boys!
He has not been able to do that for over 35 years and he is getting a taste of freedom!!

Thanks for all of your's and Mrs. Jim's prayers.....from Terry
Ok Terry, if you check here one more time, be sure to read this.

I have a good eye on Adi, you have to convince me to let her come to your rescue first.
Never mind Jim!!
Yes I am forever checking on this certain post because it is the easiest way to get to BP!
I surely will be glad when I can put her on to my favorite links because it would save lots of time!

Never mind, when I just saw Adi a few minutes ago,Jim, she winked at me as if to say, "Please take me to Canada again."
"My Grampa is just starving me and I want me some more of those Macdonald Big Macs that you and Mr. Bernie were continually feeding me!"
"Just say the word and I will start packing!....I am HUNGRY!!"

So what do yo have to say to THAT Grampa Jim?....from Terry

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