Friday, June 01, 2007

Katie Couric's new boyfriend -- overheard at the doctor's office

My immobilizer
Yesterday I overheard a conversation at the doctor's office between two ladies. It was concerning their thoughts about Katie Couric's love life.
Her new boyfriend, Brooks Perlin, is 17 years younger than she is. Katie is 50, Brooks is 33. (People Magazine link) (Fox News)
The Conversation:
Lady in the orange shirt: "Wouldn't it be nice to have a 33-year old boyfriend!"
Lady in the black dress: "I'm not sure I could keep up with him."
Orange lady: "It sure would be fun trying."
Black lady leaves to see the doctor.
Orange lady to another lady sitting near: "I'd better go with her, she's a scaredy cat."
Orange lady leaves to be with her friend.
I don't know where I have been hiding for the last six months, this was the first time I'd heard about this arrangement.
Perhaps women should latch onto younger men. There must be reasons. Men as a rule die younger, leaving a sorrowful widow behind. This way they could both die about the same time.
Status report:
I'll not have surgery next Tuesday to repair my broken knee-cap. The orthopedic said under all circumstances considered and consultation with three other orthopedic doctors we will try treating it like a non-operable patella fracture. (links about all this)
That means wear the 'immobilizer' for six weeks and then start loosening the knee up.
I have promised to be especially nice to my chauffeur, Mrs. Jim. I think I'd better give her EXCELLENT in all catagories in her upcoming annual performance evaluation!


Bad luck about the knee Jim, why didn't they spot this earlier?
Re "It ain't gonna happen" I would have expected better of you Jim!!!!!
Hi Jim ~~ Sorry you have to have surgery and take 6 weeks to mend
But I guess "they" know best.
You often hear interesting talk at
Doctors and others, but not always
are they complete. And you are left
wondering!! The pea and ham soup is delicious, and the roast turkey yummy
You take care Jim, Regards, Merle.
hey there Jim, will be thinking about .

Hi Mrs. Jim
Sorry about the knee Jim. The real question is how many strokes this injury will take off of your golf game.
Cliff, I'm glad you asked.
He is going to implant a new patented Knee hinge.
It will add about 20 yards to my drives and corect my slice. In putting, 80% one-puts are are a garauntee!
What surgery? You just said you would not be having surgery but..... you said, "That means wear the 'immobilizer' for six weeks and then start loosening the knee up." Did I miss something?

As long as Mrs. Jim is your chauffeur then by all means you be good to her. Don't suggest painting her face black and getting her a chauffeur's cap to wear!! Just be on your very best behavior!!
Rachel, that is how long (six weeks) my leg will be in the 'immobilizer' while some of the knee-cap fragments are mending and the others healing.
It comes off for showering but even then I have to keep my leg straight.

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