Friday, June 22, 2007

Looking for the 20,000th here -- Headed for surgery

Will it be you?

Right now my SiteMeter is sitting at 19,994. Six more hits/clicks and it will be 20,000. That's quite a few since December, 2005.
Way back then, Rachel left my first comment, Cliff the second. They check in pretty regularly still. That's because they are loyal friends, not because of what or how I write. [I think Rachel peeked in a few minutes ago before I posted this!]
A lot check for something interesting and then don't leave a comment. I do like comments but that is probably an ego thing. I just about always comment on a new post I read unless I'm lurking and am hesitant to establish another relationship.











I'm headed for knee surgery ASAP.

First my cardiologist has to clear me for surgery.

Next my GP doctor will do his pre-op checkup.

Surgery will be screws, wires, and bone grafting, all to get the break grown back together again. The latest Xray showed the break had widened instead of healing.

Also, I'm headed for therapy on my sore finger that the emergency room doc in Ireland put pack in the socket. This will last about four weeks, three times a week. THIS IS GOING TO HURT, I KNOW!

If you really want, I'll draw a picture of my hurt finger. It is the middle long pointy finger on my left hand. I think you can get the picture.

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Good luck Jim. BTW, no picture necessary here.
Hey Cliff, you were # 20,003.
000, 001, and 002 came via Googling this and that.
I could take a picture!
May I take a number too? Really, the bad pointy finger on your left hand; do you mean your middle finger ;) eh? When is your sugery to take place? That Miss Terry owes you big time in the prayer department after the mess she got herself in ;) (I still think Bernie had something to do with it, ya think?) Thanks for the diagram of your knee ... Seriously ... I will be praying it you let me know when, OK?
Poor guy! I'll be praying. No picture needed.
Mrs Mac, you can have your choice, # 20,009 or 2nd. Take your choice. Even though Cliff wasn't 20,000, he was No. 1 of my 'friends.' Then every one between you and Cliff were strangers, Googlers ['brown june bugs,' two for '1976ChryslerCordobaSportCoupe,'] and my sister-in-law in North Louisiana who never leaves comments.

Lori, you can be # 20,013 or 3rd. Again your choice. Between the two you were another 'june bug' search, one for 'Texas Bluebonnets,' and another for the '1976 Chrysler.'

Lori, you left Comment # 3420.

Thanks to all you! I'll stop with the numbers now, you can look at the meter yourself if you want, just click on it and explore. Your number will be in the header when you click #1 in the detail column. You can also click on any other number in the list too.
Ouch! Good luck on the knee op.
Dear Jim...I din't know that you were as bad as that.
You just never do any complaining.
Here you are praying for everybody else and you, yourself are in need of it.
Well I will be praying for you!
And as for that sore finger?..It just HAS to get better.
You need it for your blog writing and we NEED your blog writing so there you go!!...from Terry

When you have the operation, you will have to have the BP pinch-hit for you and keep this blog lively!!
She can teach you a thing or two Grampa Jim about how to make your blog more intersting!
That said, I will say so long!...
Thanks, everyone, for the concerns. I'm not real worried about it, it shouldn't be life threatening.
The worst thing could be a blood clot or something else while under anesthesia. But so many are so much worse off.

I don't intend to stop blogging. You might have noticed I only post every other day or so now.

My finger does slow my typing down some. I usually can type well over 50 wpm, corrected.
Now I type with the one right hand, and one or two fingers and my thumb on the left hand.
More later.
Oh yes, Terry, you are Visit 20,027, Cheyene, you are Visit 20,025.
I get the picture - none needed here. Good luck with the knee surgery.
Thanks for saying I'm your friend Jim!! Whoo-hoo!! Yeah, I try to check in as much as I can. I always liked Karen's blog too, when she was posting. She always seemed like such a sweet person, and with all her activities I named her "Superwoman." I think that name still fits!!

You have really gotten a lot of hits with over 20,000!! Wow!!

Screws, wire, and bone grafting. Sounds worse than it probably is!! Does this mean you will make the security things go off at airports from now on? :)

Okay, I think we get the picture, without a REAL picture, of that middle finger!!! (Hope it doesn't hurt too bad). Gee, I'm thinking how they might do therapy on a finger........????
Hi Jim, Good luck with the surgery I hope your Knee heals real quick and your upand about very soon..
Daddy, you better take care of yourself. Of course I have seen you typing with your 'bad fingers' and I think you are pushing quite close to that 50 wpm!

Will keep monitoring while in Calgary! Too bad you aren't quite up to par.... this would have been a perfect time for you to have seen cow town.

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