Saturday, June 02, 2007

My worries for when I'm elderly (age 90) are over

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Well, at least for the moment. The cars (early Fords) above are mostly owned by retired guys and gals, none are elderly (90) yet..
From right around left, clockwise:
1932 Ford Coupe
1934 Ford Coupe
1934 Ford Roadster
1946 Ford Coupe
1938 Ford Fordor
1935 Ford Fordor
1940 Ford Coupe
Please click on the picture to see them good
Bottom picture is Jim's 1998 Ford Mustang GT Convertible
Texas has a new law, called "Gracie's Law." HB 84 (link to history of the bill) provides that Texas elderly drivers ages 90 and older must renew their drivers' licenses and pass a vision test every two years.
I was all worried about this one item: that when I got to the DOT examining station I would spend over half day doing this unpleasant task.
Low and behold, an ammendment (link) offered by Representative Dunnam stated that these (aged 90 and over) person(s) required to renew a driver's license must be given priority in line at a department office when renewing the license.

Jim and Adi's car
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Maybe the whole thing will turn out to be unconstitutional. I'm calling on the ACLU (link, help for the elderly) Monday morning. This whole thing--except the priority in line provision--is blatent age discrimination! Let's start this at age 50!
Note: Texas has mail-in renewals now for all good driving record holders with no age limit. After September 1 it will no longer be available for ninety-year olds. And too, those renewed licenses will only be good till age 90.

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Hi Jim ~~ I don't think you have to worry about driving tests at 90 for a good while yet. I hope the knee isn't giving you too much pain.
Thanks for the comments. Take care,
Regards, Merle.
Hey Jim

I hope you are feeling better. Sorry that I haven't been checking on you.

I read back and I am hoping that you have had a good foot rub.

Take care xx
Hi Jim.
Glad to see you standing and hope you are feeling better.
As Merle said you wont have to worry about "90"for a while yet.
Hi Jim. I hope your knees feeling a lot better and your not in pain.
I think you have a few years before you turn 90.
Ok guys (that's a non-gendered noun--covers females and males--for people growing up in the U.S. Midwest), my type of personality likes to have all potential issues covered ASAP.
My plan "B" was to move to Tennessee or Kentucky or West
Virginia where I wouldn't need a license if I blended in good, i.e. throw away my shoes, etc, like the regular Hillbillies.
You might like to know, I'm older than you might think. All my medical bills were free in the Ireland ER because of my old age.
It had to be a lot older than 65 too!
You won't need to worry about blending in anywhere Jim.

Your case doesn't have immorality or stupidity to defend so it's unlikely the aclu will take it.
I hope your knee feels better soon.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Thank you for stopping over and my place and checking in on me.
Your support has meant a lot to me.
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

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