Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Would you drive 50 miles for a hardware store visit? -- Paris Hilton [below]

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Toay I would if I could but I can't. Sometimes I would, sometimes I wouldn't. There generally isn't a need, of course, to travel that far for a hardware item.
Right now Mrs. Jim or friend, Charlie, would have to drive me that 50 miles to the north to visit Dawkins old time hardware store. My 'immobilizer' (link to picture)(link to what happened) won't let me drive.

Dawkins Hardware
202 Main St
Normangee, Texas

In case you wouldn't figure, there are 135 'hardware stores' closer to my home. I used the 'quotes' because this is a Yahoo classification. Some day I might like to visit this store because my friend owns the grocery store there just down the street. (Westmoreland Grocery, Main St & 2nd St, Normangee, Texas)

In the meantime, I'll stop here, only eight miles away:

Do you like this picture of our local Wise Hardware store in Willis?

Since every one is blogging this week about Paris Hilton, I thought I'd add this picture for another two cent's worth.

[Picture (link) courtesy of the Hilton Paris (link)]

It's the Hilton Paris, we've been there, it's very nice.

Paris' Daddy owns it (mostly).

You are right! Everything and everywhere I go I hear about Paris Hilton.
Hi Jim. Sorry to hear you still cant get around on your own, And No I wouldnt travel that far for a hardware store or to see Paris Hilton.
To answer your question we have short cold winters but no snow were I live. Im about 2hrs from the snow resorts. but oh boy we feel the cold icy winds. bring on the warm weather. .
Hi Jim ~~ Paris is enjoying another "Hilton Hotel" for the next 20 odd days. The real Hotel looks great.
Sorry you are unable to drive - -
It's not fun, is it? but yours is only temporary. Be patient and buy
your hardware locally!!
Thanks for your comments, sorry about your friend who drank himself to death, and glad the male teacher
friend survived BC.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
Okay, this is kind of weird! I popped in from Mrs. Mac's because of the Mustang. Yours looks JUST like the one I had, stick shift and all! I LOVED that little car! It was even that same olivy-green color! Then, I see the hardware store in Normangee and my cousin, Bill Hogan used to pastor a Baptist church there up until *8 years ago or something like that!

Small world!

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