Friday, June 15, 2007

This blogger's coffee break, the Jim Bunch eats you know + A tribute to a couple of my heroes

Jim's Coffee Break


The Ingredients:

One cup of coffee, black and straight.

The cup? It's a Christmas present from my barber lady.

Pill bottle, for a pill at mid-morning,** 'eat with food.' [This stuff, Tricor, works on digestive juices.]

The snack, it's Jim's favorite, crackers and peanut butter. These are low fat, I prefer no fat. Why are they broken, and what happened to the corner and edge pieces? Go here (link) to see.

The mouse pad, well it looks geeky but my lap top doesn't use it when I'm doing this from my big chair recliner. Go here (link) to see,*** since I've switched to the immobilizer on my leg (go here [picture link] for that).

Goodbyes to the Heroes

To Bob Barker: This is his last day on his show, The Price Is Right. he has been hosting this TV game show since 1972, for 35 years. (link). Did you know he went to Drury College in Springfield, Missouri, on a basketball scholarship? (CBS link to Barker bio--I have a degree in economics too!)

To Ruth Bell Graham: She died yesterday at age 87. She will always be remembered as the "life partner" of famous evangelist, Billy Graham.(CBN News link to Mrs. Graham bio) In her own right, Mrs. Graham authored some very enlightening books. There were over 50 of them that she authored or co-authored. I quit counting, some were listed more than once, etc.(link)

* Not used because I forgot what I wanted here
** I take three pills and three vitamins in the morning with a graham cracker; this one, a Tricor at mid-morning with a snack; three pills with noon meal; five secret ingredient pills at mid-day with a graham cracker; three more pills and another vitamin "C" with the evening meal; an aspirin at least a half hour before bedtime; and two more pills at bedtime.
*** Notice in this picture I did use a mouse and this mouse pad with the lap top. It works just as good in the recliner using the arm of the chair (protecter piece in place) without the mouse pad.

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Actually Jim the snack looks pretty good, minus the pill bottle.
The snack looks okay to me. I don't know about all those cracked crackers. I think I'd care!!

Oh, I'm sorry to hear Ruth Graham died. I knew she was really sick though.
Hi Jim.
Thanks for the visit,I have been lazy and haven't done much re the blog.
It was nice of you to be concerned and was going to send Adi out looking for me.
I dont mind crackers with a coffee
for morning tea .
I can remember when Billy Graham was here in the early 50's.
And another coincidents my maiden name was "Barker".
I can't believe Bob Barker is leaving the show? I think I must be getting old?
Yeh Jim... that is sad about Mrs. Graham.
She surely was a model of a good wife to her husband.

Jim, you should put a touch of mustard on those peanut buttered crackers...It is delicious.
Adi took quite a liking to them when she was here but that Amber just stuck up her nose at the whole idea!!..From Terry
Jimmy's cracked crackers and he doent care...tee hee
RIP Ruth
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one
I like natural peanut butter and I like my crackers uncracked, but sometimes cracks are inevitable. Either way, they're edible. Do you switch coffee mugs to match your mood?

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