Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blogging Sin Confession Day

The old saying is "Like sheep,
we have all gone astray."
[click the picture to see it bigger]
[or even bigger, click here]
You can confess your blogging sins right here. Just leave a note in my comments. It might make you feel better!

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Hi Jim.
I have no sins to confess but I thank you for the chance to do so.
Hi Jim ~~ You have to lead the way and confess YOUR blogging sins, or else we won't come to that party.
Yes, a Biscuit Barrel is the same as a Cookie Jar. Well done.
I can't believe the behaviour of that ear doctor - storming out and slamming the door. We are supposed to be good little patients and not talk and certainly not crack jokes!! I take it your ears are OK? No thanks to that guy. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim,I have no Blogging sins to confess, there seems to be a few following the flock in your photo.That looks like it was taken in Italy...
While I don't have any blogging sins to confess here. If I did it would most likely be swearing. Swearing at blogger when it won't let me on, when it won't do what I want, when it won't load a picture, when the automatic save feature didn't save my story, when it takes forever to get to someones comment section. . . well, you get the idea.
Ok, Gwen, probably none of us will have blogging sins. I heard on the news someplace that this was sin confession month of another type (not religious) and so I picked up on it.

Well, Merle, that is a good idea, for me to go first. I didn't have any blogging sins before this post.

Jeanette, you guessed correctily that is was in Carleone, Italy. The home of the famous Italian Mafia has been there for quite a while. We spent one day there a year ago.
BTW, my U.S, Canadian and other blogger friends are a little slack in blog reading (IS THAT A SIN?)this summer, they might not have the opportunity to find about this.
Perhaps I should establish a semi-annual confession day in the winter season.
Jim ~ Looks like they have a Subaru for a shepherd... no wonder they are LOST! ~ jb///
I'm glad you posted your blogging sin Jim!! Teehee!!!
Ralph, swearing at Blogger when it misbehaves, probably isn't a sin. That is if I were to be the judge of these blogging sins, it would not be.

LZ, you have a good eye. Of course in Carleone I would have expected the good guys/sheperds to be driving black town cars.

Rachel, for sure you have committed a sin of omission by not even metioning your blogging sin.
Should we assume you don't have any?

BTW, it was maybe I had a blogging sin of accusation. Maybe someone will come forward with one blogging sin he or she has to let me off the hook.
Okay, a blogging sin: maybe not blogging often enough? Or not commenting enough?? Are those blogging sins?

There are so many good blogs and I wish I could visit them all, but it just isn't possible unless I super glue myself to this chair.
Egads!! What a mess that would be after a while!!

Thank you Jim and you know what for!! I appreciate it. It really made a difference!
Jim - Speaking of blogging sins... I just had to laugh at your post on my LZ_Blogger site. You called me Peter. Peter is the Aussie and I'm the Yank! Now calling one blogger by another blogger's name... now that's A SIN!!! ~ Jerry
Rachel, I doubt if any of those are blogging sins for you. And of course, you can't visit every good blog in the world, only your reader's.

LZ, I'm sorry. I had Peter on my mind, he had commented above me.
If I didn't say I was sorry it would be a sin for sure!

Again, I'm sorry, LZ.
My blogging sin is probably leaving for a year and a half without telling anyone and then magically appearing when it's conveneint.

See, Now I managed to confess. It wasn't that hard. :)
Me blogging sin would have to be that I do not partake ofen enough...my blog postings are few and far between, my commenting and viewing of blogs is lacking in commitment.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step...(WHEW!) Thanks Jim! :O)

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