Thursday, July 05, 2007

A day for being in the clouds, but it didn't rain on our parade

[click on pictures for larger view]
The sun hardly came out for the 4th of July this year. But it was a wonderful day for flying. These guys flew the entire time for our parade. The clouds were dark, but we did not have our daily rain until an hour after the parade. (Flypasts, Wikipedia link)
Houston has a wonderful, long, and large parade. So did our former town of Friendswood, Texas. We lived there 23 years until our retirement in 1999 (Mrs. Jim retired then, I worked two more years).
Friendswood has the longest running Fourth of July parade in the United States. They didn't stop parading during WWII which so many of the older towns did. Mrs. Jim and I road in that parade once in a red Mustang convertible, the year I ran for Justice of the Peace. That whole year was enjoyable (I lost out in the general election).


Since moving here we mostly have gone to our subdivision parade. We call it a golf cart parade although there were a few cars and motorcycles also. Not many bicycles.

This was my favorite float golf car, Entry No. 68. You might recognize the occupants, GC#4 (a.k.a. BP), Adi, and Mrs. Jim. They worked hard on the decorations, Karen and I helped some. I aways get the job of blowing up balloons.


And those airplanes?

Just look below.


We hardly miss a Fourth of July parade. Nor do we miss the fireworks. Friendswood always had great one, generally a light show. Mrs. Jim and I reminissed tonight as we watched our subdivision fireworks. One year we went to the Red River in Alexandria, Louisiana. where they had a nice boat light parade as well.


We went home after the parade and had hotdogs.


[The finale of our subdivision fireworks this year]

[Go here for the YouTube video directly].

We both remembered too, all those evenings watching fireworks with my mom and dad out at the Tekamah, Nebraska, ball park. I imagine Cliff and the Morrows were there this year as always.
Fourth of July

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Very cool! It sounds like you had a wonderful day.
Hi Jim ~~ Great post for 4th July,
Glad you enjoyed it all. Love the name Friendswood BTW.
Thanks for your comments, I am so glad that Mrs. Jim has your heart - that's how it should be.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
Friendswood was founded by the Quakers, back in 1895. A fairly old town for a Houston suburb.

We went home after the parade and had hotdogs.
There are a few blogs I read daily if I am posting a blog or not and yours is one of them. I love to read about what you and Mrs. Jim are up to.
Love the float and especially Adi.

Glad you had a Happy 4th July.

Take care xx
Really nice pictures Jim!
It was very nice of Adi to visit us but after she had her fill of half a dozen big Macs, she was in one big hurry to get home to her Grampa and Gramma Jim for the festivities!
Just one big rush out the door!....Love Terry
Hi again Jim ~~ Our cows are a tourist attraction, they are life size, and there is no talk of selling them. One ends up in the river
occasionally (Drowned Cow) but they
rescue and repair them. Glad you liked the blonde joke !!
Take care Jim. How is the knee feeling? Best Wishes, Merle.
It would appear you have a wise surgeon.
We haven't made it to the fireworks display for a few years. We're too old.
Jim, I think I know why they have you blow up the balloons, but being a gentleman I'll not go there.
Now Cliff, I didn't break a one of those balloons with my weakly air pressure! You can't be too old for the Tekamah fireworks. Mom and Dad went when they were in their eighties, even without us.

Merle, the knee is feeling good. It walks around pretty good with just a little achey pain. It looks good, I was lammenting that I didn't get a nice 'before' picture. Now it isn't needed.
Our cows were painted by local artists and auctioned off for charity. They won't get discarded, some sold for six figure $$$ numbers.
Minature copies were made, they are still being traded. We gave our Karen one when they first came out, I wished we had one for ourselves now. eBay has them on auction.

Terry, Adi made it back fine. She is on a diet but she will get to eat a little again in another day or so now. I hope you fed her ice cream for dessert, she gets that every evening at bedtime. Also she gets it whenever she goes to MacDonalds or Dairy Queen.

BM, is what Gram said when her flight cancelled repeatable?

Lori, thanks. I knew you did check on me. Others do too, my Site Meter tells all.
No Jim...Bernie and the cat hogged all the ice cream for them selves!
Hey!,,,Maybe THAT is why the poor dear left so soon!
Now don't you go punishing her for eating those 6 big Macs, by starving her for two days!
You better be careful..She will be coming back to her Auntie Terry and staying next time!!

If I only knew how I would put that little video on my blog to show the Bloggers exactly how you starve that dear child!!
You know which video Jim...the one where poor little Adi couldn't get that dry dog food down fast enough!

Have a good day....From Terry
Terry, you can e-mail me your video and I will put it on my YouTube and on my blog.
Or you can paste the YouTube code into your blog, HTML-wise.
You can paste in any YouTube presentation, they are for the taking.
I generally give credit to the owner.
Forgot to say, my YouTube is
You may need to paste that in or go to my sidebar under 'Videos and Music.'
Hi Jim, good post about your local 4th celebrations.

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