Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Jim bunch eats again -- Today, July 15, is National Ice Cream Day

I'll have Blue Bell Light Vanilla with strawberries on top, thanks.

Ice Cream of the Crop - Yahoo! Buzz Log: "July is doubly delightful thanks to National Ice Cream Month and National Ice Cream Day on July 15. President Ronald Reagan thought the sweet occasion needed the double scoop of emphasis. "

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My son John will love that it is national ice cream month. One more excuse for him to each ice cream. As if he needs an excuse.
National Ice Cream Day??? Well, I ate my fair share of homemade at my great niece's birthday bash on Saturday evening!! It was so yummy too!! (No it wasn't my birthday Jim, it was her belated one. Her birthday is on July 4th.)
I love ice cream but currently all I can have is vanilla frozen yogurt. It's just as good and serves the purpose, I suppose. I haven't had full-blown ice cream in decades. I don't even remember how good it tastes.
Jim - We celebrated this yesterday and didn't even know about the OCCASION! Our (reason?)... happened to be 90 degree weather! I'll put it on my "MS Outlook calendar" for next year! ~ jb///
I'm ALL FOR eating ice cream. Any day will do, but I have to refrain from overinduglence, or I will be as broad as a barn.

You sure were mean to me on your first visit to my blog.
Good grief!
My made-up word, hitonious, is supposed to be used in a humorous context. No need to ponder hideous thoughts. Let not your heart or mind be troubled.

Thanks for the Urban Dictionary link. I entered a definition and example there for hitonious. :-)

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