Friday, July 20, 2007

More drivel about the Dollar Place shopping, more than you want to know

Yesterday I posted about the lady who liked to go to the Dollar Place, Alexandria, Louisiana, because she didn't have to dress up. That must be a very nice place to go, here is a report about shopping there in 2004:

"Friday, 12/24/04: Presence
[from Andrew Lindemann Malone's Internet Playpen at his Web site, Spam-o-Matic, at]

Today I went to town at the Dollar Place at City Place Mall. The store teemed with holiday shoppers looking to find something for those hard-to-please people on their list that cost a buck (or $1.05 with tax). There was more excitement at Dollar Place today then ever there has been in my experience. Only adding to the cheerful frenzy was the music being played, a Christmas-themed version of the one hit that made a wonder of Lou Bega, "Mambo No. 5":

A little bit of Santa's all I need

A little bit of presents all I seek…

When this wasn't playing, dance versions of undanceable Christmas music such as "What Child is This" took up the slack.

Nevertheless, I bought eight bucks' (and forty cents') worth of stuff, including:

Two cookie tins depicting cherubs playing musical instruments in what appear to be physically impossible ways, unless cherubs have double-jointed elbows
A fake tree, about a foot high, that's very attractive if you stash it somewhere where no one will look at it too closely (it's atop my TV now)
A pack of twelve red tea candles, because color coordination is the reason for the season
One of those little things you use to dispense individual droplets of olive oil at the table, because for a dollar how bad can it be?
I did not purchase either of the two rolls of wrapping paper emblazoned with the Tennessee Titans logo, so you can go pick those up."

The next time I go to Alexandria I will try to visit the mall, that store might not be there any more. It wasn't listed in my Alexandria 2005-2006 phone book.

If it is there, I'll take a picture for you.

In the meantime, this again:


Spam-o-matic is still going strong,

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