Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Blogging Sin Confession Day" is continued for another day!

Lets churn it up a little!

Mom's old butter churn, my boyhood marbles.
[Click picture for large size]


Confess your blogging sins now if you haven't done that yet.

Relatives can e-mail me yours and I'll post them.

Please comment here or below. Thanks lots.

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How sentimental. That's sweet.
Hi Jim,

I've been trying to post a comment on your blog for a long time and have not been able to. I hope this one makes it. I've missed you. I just got back from a six week trip to India. Hope to catch up with you soon.

-Travel plaza
Well Surprise, Surprise! Just when we were all pretty sure you'd lost your marbles...
I confess.

Sometimes I see grammatical errors and I leave them, and sometimes I end a sentence in a preposition on purpose!

I don't know what I'm thinking about.
Laughing at Cliff's comment!! He's forever the jokester!! LOL

I recall those churns. My Mom used one many times, that kind and the kind that sit on the floor as well.

I'm glad you still have your marbles Jim!! They are pretty!
Hi Jim ~~ I liked Cliff's comment also. And I see your sin was thinking we'd have sins. As if we would!!

Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the pictures and jokes. I'm
a bit worried at you telling that "in other's arms" joke -- DON'T forget the punch line is "Mother" or you may shock the Sunday school class.
Take care, Jim. Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim
Glad to hear back from you. I am not able to reply to the comments on my own blog because I don't have a gmail account:( Anyways, all is fine with us. My Dad was ill during my trip to India but has recovered well now and is doing fine. I was happy to be there at the right time.

There is no specific word for goodbye in Hindi, the official Indian language. 'Namaste' usually works for 'hello' and 'goodbye.'But the phrase "Phir milenge" means "we will meet again." That is kind of saying goodbye for now but we will meet agian. I will check with some of my other friends and see if I have missed something. I do speak about four Indian languages apart from English. I can read and write two of those.
The previous comment was from me,
-Travel Plaza:))
Glad to see you found your marbles...

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