Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jim's blogging has moved until October.
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Hello, Mr. Jim...

Just wondering WHERE you learned those words to that birthdaysong? Although you are probably wondering the same thing about me?! Out in farmland in central texas...

Oh yes, I learned it from you! And LPP, answering your comments is the only way I can contact you after a comment.

I'm wondering where in Central Texas you learned that. Maybe you are an ex-pat. We live outside of Conroe, north of Houston, with a Montgomery mailing list. If you have been to Houston you came close, maybe through Conroe on I-45.

I have been to Montreal and the Eastern Townships, it was October three years ago. We flew to New Hampshire and spent a little over two weeks meandering around in New England and Montreal and east till we came back into Vermont.
Everything was so pretty in the Fall.
WOW! What were you doing in Montreal and the Eastern Townships??? I live just north of Montreal...in an outerlying city.

I was born in FL, but some friends who lived outide Montreal moved to TX several years ago. I've been down there 3 times, for a combined stay of about a month. I like it there, but I dislike scorpions and poisonous snakes. I like snakes and insects, but we don't have any such dangerous creatures here...except liberals, they're all over the place :)

No, I haven't been as far south as Houston, just a little south of Dallas. The last timewas in '98, and I was 12, so I don't recall the highways that much.

God bless you,
Well, PLL, your area is really pretty. We took a guided tour of Montreal the first day up there.

Then we went to the Easter Townships for three nights at the Domaine sur la Colline B&B, Cowansville.

Sunday we went back to Montreal for a playing day. We went up Mont Real, saw bucoo weddings, ate on the main drag, went to Notre Dame Cathedral, and just did so many other touristy things.
Oh yes, the underground mall is fabulous. There is nothing that nice in Texas!

We had spent two days playing in New Hampshire, one in Vermont before. After Canada we drove to Maine for three more days.

I would do that again! Next time we want to go on to Quebec City.

Where we are there are NO scorpions and very few poisonous snakes. Our main drawback is the heat and A/C solves that problem. It is about like Florida.

You and family would be welcome to visit, we have a nice guest room. And/or we would be very good tour guides.
I do enjoy the concept of blogging in the future!
Yes, it is pretty up here! The Eastern Townships are especially beautiful in fall...I knew someone who owned a B&B, but I forget the name of it. I went to their home and they showed us around there, when I was 12...that was 9 years ago!

My sister and I had to grin about your “Mont Real”...it is Mount Royal for us Anglophones(Quebeckers with English as their 1st language). I get so confused sometimes…you know up on Mount Royal there is a lake…I first knew it as Lac aux Castor. Someone was talking about “Beaver Lake” and I questioned where that was on the Mount as I only knew of Lac aux Castor…I was corrected that they were so the same lake, one the English name, the other French. You said you went down the main drag…Do you mean “The Main”? That is St. Laurent Blvd, pronounced by most Anglos as St. Lawrence Blvd, speaking of confusing names! :)

My aunt from Miami is coming up here next week, and we will be showing her the city. Of course, we cannot allow any US visitors to leave without getting them on the ice for bit of skating, even if it is indoors! Have you ever ice-skated before?

This is so funny, to run into someone from down South who has been through Montreal…maybe we even saw you ;)

Thank you for the invite, too.

God bless you,

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