Tuesday, November 20, 2007

June Bug . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No, it's November, 2007, bug

[click picture for large view]

Please don't eat the daisies

This fellow would have chased me down the hall had I antangonized him the least bit.

We have a hard time keeping him in daisies, he eats about two dozen a day.

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Hmm, Jim,
Daisies growing in the bed..
I never pictured Texas to be that fruitful.
D'ya know the Norwegian Daisy, it's white and yellow, and called Thousand-joys.
One Thousand-joys, that's kind of contradicting.
Serina used to pick me those. Hence my name on her, Thousand-joys.
You may keep your bugs, the flowers are mine!!!
From Felisol
Yes I agree with Felisol Jim...
What did those poor daisies ever do to deserve such a fate as being chomped down by this machine?..
What in tarnation is it anyway?
I think he looks like a skinny Dalmation dog!..
Does he run on duracell batteries?
Hi Jim, it looks cool whatever it is, did Santa come early or something? Bob.
i wonder who the daisys belong to (i noticed that i was a couple short)

Yes he does run on batterys and he is a robo raptor named Topaz.The dog house in the backgroun contains the remote and his helmets. (It keeps him from getting angry :)

P.S. i updated my blog
Jim - This looks like a toy from "Sharper Image"... just wanted to stop by and say have a HAPPY Thanksgiving bud! ~ jb///
In that case you better hide the daisies!!

I loved Adi's church sign!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Jim!
He's SCARY!!!!
Gidday Jim,

That fellow looks like he could eat you too. My suggestion is that if he wants to eat your daisies, then let him. You can always get more daisies but it would be hardier to get another Jim.....lol.

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