Monday, November 12, 2007

My little monkey friend

This little grey monkey greeted us every morning for a week at our Huehuetenango, Guatemala, hotel. if you have troubles or want to see my other videos.

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Jim - When I am greeted by little grey monkeys is when I start trying to remember what those "12 STEPS" are!
Jim – Welcome back!
By the way. I take NOTES and a lot of BROCHURES too. I may be younger than you, but I’m sure not any smarter. As for South Dakota… you’ll find some of my old posts with that information on those. Here’s a couple you may want to look at in my archieves: (each one of these has at least one S.D. post in it somewhere.) This is from the first few months of my blogging efforts! I hope you enjoy them! ~ lz///
Cute! I heard the roosters off in the background too.
Oh, that's so cute!!
Hi Jim ~~ Great video of the cute
little monkey, so pretty with his big white chest, the face only a mother could love. He was a great performer.
I did read the Rules for Cell phones, sorry I didn't leave a comment, but they were good. Thanks for your comments. I can see where someone
could pretend to use a cell phone in
those washroom stalls.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
I'm with Jerry on the monkey.
Below Jim is feeding an elephant.
There could be a lot worse things to wake up to. He seems like a friendly little guy.
Hi Jim! Do I get a prize for being the 2500 one to visit your photo blog???? :)
How sweet!

BTW-I love your cell-phone rules.
Hi again Jim ~~ Thank you for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the Senior citizens test and the waiter with his fingers on the fish, so it wouldn't fall on the floor AGAIN. Don't forget to try it on your sons. Take care, Regards, Merle.
What a cute little feller, and he's very active.
What fun!!
My daughter would go NUTS if she got to shake that monkey's hand like that.
She LOVES monkeys!!!!

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