Friday, December 21, 2007

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Blink to the Christmas tree blinking lights!

From Adi,

She is soooo intelligent.

[click picture for larger size]
[click runza for super size]

She works too!
Here Adi has just gotten back
from helping Santa.

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Aaah, that Adi ... she is so blinking talented ;) Very cute!
I agree! Very Cute! She's one of Santa's other helpers!
smart dog Jim.
Sorry about the window. I'm sure it was thrown thru it by a hoodlum neighbor kid. Any self respecting golfer would have left a note.
MM, Ann and Cliff, yes, Adi is the cutest! And smart and 'blinking talented' too.

Cliff, it was a bouncing ball. A direct hit would have come on through.
This is the fourth window in eight years so that isn't too bad.
There aren't neighbor kids around here.
Adi santa always needs extra helpers.... "Merry Xmas"
Adi has certainly earned an extended Christmas vacation.
She's cute. I had to look at her sideways, but still cute!!! I'm sure her Christmas stocking runneth over!!
Very Cute Adi!

Paul was Santa at the Lake Conroe Wal-Mart, the one all the kids took pictures with.

He has been an Asst. Mgr there but hoping to move into a Co-Mgr position. He will go to the Conroe store on Loop 336. So far Wal mart has been good to us as well.

Merry Christmas neighbor!
Dear Jim,
I'm happy to see that Adi is up and posing for her audience.
How happy you all must be.
Hope she's bringing all Santa's sleighs right home to you.
She for certain must have her own dog house with a blinking Christmas tree, pool table and own golf course. Like her long gone relative Snoopy.
Happy Christmas to all of you
From Felisol
Hi Jim, thats a nice picture - dogs are smarted than people think, its the people who are dumb for not understanding them! Thanks for the comment in my blog, for Dalmally we headed off down down Glen Orchy from Bride of Orchy. If I remember right it joins the road from Tyndrum to Oban not far from Dalmally. I will be walking around the gardens with the lady and gentleman of the big house. Its usually just to check up on what I've been doing and to give me some jobs to do after Christmas, also its a time for me to present them with any queries I might have like for instance can I get my tractor serviced or would ne okay for me to reduce a couple of the Laurel bushes. Bob.
Adi is SOooo cute!
She's sideways in the video.
I hope she's not dizzy.

Merry Christmas, Jim & Mrs Jim & family!!!

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