Friday, December 07, 2007

A few hours at the Burt County Museum, Tekamah, Nebraska

Left to right, my sister, Lois, curator, Bonnie, and Mrs. Jim

Dad was on the Board of Directors here, he also was the Treasurer for quite a spell.

I used to tease him and tell him that the reason he was asked to be on the board was because he met the qualifications 200%: Dad was retired (time) and he had a pickup truck (utility).

The perfect untouched snowy lawn for a nice kid game of 'Fox and Goose.'

Who has played that game?

Thanks for the comment, Felisol. I had thought maybe in Norway you guys played Fox and Goose in the wintertime snow as children here do.

Fox and Goose is a childrens tag game.
First they all march around in the fresh snow to make a nice big circle path.
Then cut several paths to the middle. Four if the circle is big enough.
Next make a standing place at the intersection, with enough room to hold most of the players standing up.
This standing place is 'base,' a safe place from tagging.
The 'it' person runs after anyone he can touch, taggin them, then that person is 'it.'

As the game starts to get a little boring, the players will make new paths in the snow, some of them pretty winding and exotic.

We would play this game at recess at school mostly. Our school was a country one room, one teacher school, with eight grades. Generally there was one grade with no students.

Thanks for asking. Yes, we made snow fortresses too, there weren't any passers out there in the country. So we threw at each other.
I am afraid I have never heard of that game.
Hi Jim ~~ Glad to hear that you had a successful sale of the farm in Nebraska. And I am sure you would enjoy time with Cliff. I see him at Peter's place and elsewhere.
Thanks for your comments and also for your prayers that this lesion will disappear for good. Sorry your daughter had to have surgery and maybe in time the scar will disappear more. Take care, Best Wishes, Merle.
Glad the girls enjoyed the Museum.
Hi Jim, That games new to me also,, I would like to spend a few hrs at the Museum and the table setting is gorgeous.

I hope Adi is well on the mend...have a good weekend
Being treasurer for that group is a pretty heavy duty. They needed someone to be trusted and your Dad was all of that.
Thanks for the visit. I'm sorry I haven't been to Omaha to get a new charger for my Canon or I'd have some good pics to put up. Maybe you could email me a couple.
The address I have for you must have changed because it doesn't work now.
I think kids used to play that game back in the days of tin type photos ;) eh???
Look at ALL that snow!!!
I'm not a fan of snow or cold weather.
I'd need to be dressed with about ten layers to even venture out doors.
I never played Fox and Goose.

The snow is beautiful and I LOVE that building where the museum is. How very very lovely!! Looks like my dream home!!

Great picture of the pretty ladies around the also pretty table!

Glad you made it safely Jim!

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