Tuesday, December 25, 2007

from Mrs. Jim and Jim

Taken on the bridge at the Burt County Museum, Tekamaha, Nebraska. The above picture is edited from this picture.
[click picture for large, click sandwich for super size]

From Adi,


She is soooo intelligent.

[click picture for larger size]
[click runza for super size]

She works too!
Here Adi has just gotten back
from helping Santa.

merry christmas!
Dear Adi....Merry Christmas from your auntie Terry!!

Adi.. wish gramma and grampa Jim and BP and Karen and Amber a Merry Christmas for me too and if you could would you please ask Grampa if he would make me one of the little cyber space Christmas trees?
Thanking you in advance....Love Terry

Ps Tell that Amber not to worry ...The writer strike will soon be over and then she won't have to watch reruns of Deal or No Deal!!
Hi Y'all,


To you all, Merry Christmas!
You are welcome to copy this cyber-Christmas tree, I lifted it from another already.
And by demand (like Terry did) I'll put the wish just for you on your comment page.
Merry Christmas Jim.

The picture of you and Mrs Jim is so lovely and snowy.

Hugs to Adi xx
You and Mrs. Jim look MIGHTY fine in that upclose photo!!
Adi always looks great, but you already know that.
I hope that doggy didn't have to pull too far ;)

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