Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Our hectic last few days, more to come

Note: Adi is some better today (Tuesday)! Her appetite is good, she doesn't yelp as often, etc. She still sleeps a lot.

The hectic times probably started slowly with me being at the church at 8:30 last Thursday morning. Several of us and a group of seven from Albecete, Spain, would do an Austin and Texas Capitol Building tour. You can see pictures and read Dale's report of that on his blog (link). We have been to their church in Spain as missionary guests twice.

Then Friday night we went to the Gaither Christmas Homecoming concert in Houston. That was an excellent concert that lasted four hours. Again we got to see our friends from Spain. We left our church in two small buses at three p.m. and got back there around midnight. It was almost one when we got home.

Saturday morning we were on the road to Louisiana by 7:30 the next morning for a funeral in Union Hill, outside Glenmora.

The funeral was for Mrs. Jim’s last uncle, he died of cancer at age 75. The uncle played guitar and mandolin. This was a time for a family reunion and a celebration for her uncle’s life and now “Homecoming.”

Uncle Lonnie’s friends and relatives played some blue grass gospel music for ten minutes before the service started. They also played three songs during the service. There was a lot of other singing and playing, a lot of the singing was done by Mrs. Jim’s cousins.

Then we had another four hour drive home. We were to attend the Bentwater (our subdivision) Ladies Christmas dinner at seven. They started serving food at eight. We did go and had a very nice meal.

When we got home we decided to take her to the Animal Emergency Clinic of Montgomery County in Conroe. She had moped around and wasn't walking good at all. She walked around the house with her mouth open and panting (tongue was out) When we came back from our walk outside she didn't want to jump up onto the porch. I had to lift her up.

The doctor did Xrays and found a couple of vertebrae, T12 and T13, almost touching each other. His diagnosis was a ruptured disk so that it was pressing on her nerve. Bed rest was prescribed for her.

So he put her on Prednisone, Robaxin, and Torbutrol for about eight days. She is some better this morning but all that medicine and her injections had pretty well laid her low..Her appetite is good, she doesn't yelp as often, etc. She still sleeps a lot.

Mrs. Jim said Christmas should come early, so Adi got her new bed to lay her little head off.

Adi is staying with her Uncle Mike now, while we are in Nebraska. We will leave Houston at six in the morning! Dad's farm will be sold on Friday! Link to the place where I was born.

In Nebraska we will visit with my three cousins and families, and Cliff Morrow and his family. That ought to be nice!

As soon as we get back Saturday we will be getting ready for Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class Christmas party at six. Thank goodness it is being catered (at our subdivision clubhouse) so we won't have to prepare any food ourselves to take.

Then Sunday morning to the church at 7:30 because the orchestra is playing. Mrs. Jim plays viola and does the orchestra music librarian job volunteer.

After church we will eat then run to Pasadena to get Adi. I know she will be ready to see us, she always misses us very much. She will be at the vets next week for follow-up.

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Awww..I hate to see Adi feeling poorly. Give her a big hug for me :)
That is a a pretty hectic schedule you have been keeping.
Adi is a poor thing. Her follow-up is next Tuesday.

I should have added that there hasn't been much time for blogging!
There is a new one, I don't think it will catch on.
Ahhhh, poor Adi.
She will certainly be glad to see you when you get home!!!
You've been busy, busy, busy!!!
Oh, enjoy meeting The Morrows!!!
Maybe Cliff will bake a cake for you.
My goodness, you haven't had time to take a breath.....Your gas bill must be humungous.... I hope poor little Adi is doing better. TF has hurt his ribs at different times in his life and it is very painful....

When my dad died, selling his house was the hardest thing we had to do. He and mom bought that house one year before I was born and dad died there. It is the only house I ever knew for mom and dad and it was terriably hard to sell it.....I loved the picture of your old homestead...Good luck
Hi Jim ~~ You sure have had a busy time. Glad to hear Adi is a bit better and hope she is soon OK again.
Sorry to hear about Mrs. Jim's uncle.
Haven't funerals changed over the
years, no longer sad and mournful, but more a celebration of the lost
one's life. No near as sad in the old days. Thanks for your kind comments and I like Mark Twain's quotes too
Take care, Regards,Merle.
sorry to hear Adi is sick,

you do sound like very busy !

me to sorry to hear about Mrs. Jim's uncle!

take care


Jim you have been so busy and still busy I see! I haven't been on the computer much lately so I'm just catching up. So sorry about Adi. Our dog is sick too and was at the vet's on Monday. He seemed a bit better today and actually ate some. I never thought about putting his pills in vienna sausage!! Geesh!! I just gave myself one of those "I could have had a V-8" whack on the head!! I usually try to just wrap it in a piece of bologna. Right now he is on Benadryl and antibiotics.

Hope Adi is well mended when you get back home. Have a safe trip and enjoy the visiting!!
Poor little doggie...I do hope she is up and around shortly. I hate it when animals aren't feeling up to par.
Hi Jim You have been rather busy I bet Adi will be pleased to see you no matter how poorly she feels.
Take good care Jim and I hope Adi Feelling her old self again very soon...
Dear Jim,
how are you?? I was so shocked to read your blog and then about the same time learning those horrible news about Nebraska.
I hope it's not too selfish to hope that you and all yours are fine.
The world for sure's getting smaller with the internet and making blog friends. On the other hands one gets more vulnerable, now those maniac in America suddenly concern me personally.
I pray to God that all's well.

I admire the way you are taking care of Adi, giving her the best possible treatment. She's a lucky dog.
We once had a cat who became 19 years. Of course she became weaker the last years of her life. Gunnar hardly dared to take her to the vet, however, he just would recommend us to put her to sleep instead of giving treatment.
Citrin (our cat) was a happy old lady who enjoyed licking ice cream right from the jar even the last day of her life. She would sit on Gunnar's shoulder like a bird while they were making walks in the garden.
I guess the Americans are more civilized when pets concerned.

I've been "visiting" your Nebraska farm. I sure would have liked to buy that place. It has a Norwegian Look and landscape, and I admire people cultivating land and keeping animals. It's alot of hard work, but most farmers I know don't complain about the working hours..What frustrates them is lack of understanding for the important work they're doing.
Farming means life, provide nutrition and life for the rest of us.
I hope the buyers will go on farming and not just develope land for house building. That's so sad..
Now, hope you soon will write some words on your blog with utter good news.
My best to you and Mrs. Jim from Felisol
Sorry about Adi. Hope she gets back to her old 'can' stuff.
Looking forward to seeing you.

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