Tuesday, January 01, 2008

(updated at 4:20 pm!)

She was a New Years Baby!


See what's at the end of the rainbow below!

Terry (click here) in her birthday wish
on her blog today made it all clear!

This picture and more
are on Terry's blog

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Well, happy birthday to Mrs. Jim and Happy New Year to Brer Jim.
Dear Mrs. Jim,
Happy birthday to you. Hope it's a good one. It's certainly unforgettable. Nobody forgets a New Years Baby.
A happy New Year to you and Mr. Jim as well.
May it be a rich and blessed one, with lots of golf, family, friends and interesting travels.
May the Lord let his face shine upon you and give you peace.
From Feliso
Happy birthday, Mrs. J!
And blessings and happy new year to both of you - it's gonna be GREAT in 2008!!!
Dear Mrs. Jim...
I will give Mr. Jim, our own singing telegram man the day off.
Adi will join me in singing you the song!!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birhday to you
Happy Birthday dear Mrs. Jim.
Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Bow wow!

Happy Birthday yes two.
Only one will not do.
Born again means salvation!
How many have you?!
Bow wow!

There's a Saviour for you
And YOU have Him 'tis true!
So Happy two birthdays Mrs. Jim
Happy Birthday to you!!
Bow wow!!

There now!... Aren't me and Adi better singers than that dear husband of yours??....Love Terry
Happy birthday to you Mrs. Jim...Wish you good health always...HappY New Year To you too...
How nice of Terry to make that photo!! Very clever!!

I hope Mrs. Jim had a wonderful and happy birthday!!!
Ha Mr. Jim!!
You have been hanging around me too much.
Learning bad habits!!
You have taken to swiping pictures.
Did you see the beautiful sunset that Rachel has on her site?
She better watch out for picture thieves, eh?...Terry
yes Happy happy birthday!!!
hopeya hda a great birthday! :)

happy New year to ya both

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Jim. Now what is your real name so I can call you that......
Wish her a Happy Birthday from Char and I

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