Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Birthday celebrations are reasons for the Jim Bunch to eat

Yesterday we went to Houston's Restaurant for an early dinner. I didn't get any pictures with the four of us and food on the table, but I did get these.

[large picture] [super size]

Houston's calls these cheese toast. They are made with focaccia bread, olive oil, Jack cheese, Parmesan cheese, and paprika. I don't know the proportions but they sure were good.

[large picture] [super size]

After the meal we had these cupcakes. Karen had stopped to get them, they would serve as birthday cake for Billy. Mrs Jim and I each carried a doggie bag home. Not for Adi though (I had ribs, they were delicious, all twelve of them).

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Oh Jim, I've tasted something similar to the cheese toast - simply dee-lish!! Cupcakes look good too! :D
"Get thee behind me..."
but they sure do look good.
Oh my that all looks yummy at 7:00am before I've had my breakfast. Happy Birthday Billy!
Thanks for the great birthday day. Thanks for hanging out with both of us. It was a great day for both Karen and I.

Thanks again
I guess this is your WW? Looks mighty good. I gained three pounds just visiting here. I saw that Nora Roberts book in a post below. I love her. Have a great WW. :)
Well, Happy Anniversary a couple days late to you two! Thanks for puttingup the wedding pic.

I have to remember to only visit here after I've eaten. Your food reports and pictures are too good.
Oh wow. Surfing Wordless Wednesday and I just happen to come across photos of absolutely delicious looking food -- from a restaurant in my own city. Now I have to go there!!
*egads* Houston's is one of my fav restaurants - love their smoked salmon appetizer *yummo*

I'm fasting, however. Need I say more? Happy WW!
I don't see any prices on that menu, that usually means expensive. The cheese toast looks yummmmm. I'm cooking lazanya as I type. Adi can have some of mine.
Everything looks so good - I just can't decide. A fine looking birthday feast, I must say!... Deb
It looks absolutely sinful!!!
Dear Jim,
I'm putting on weights just reading your blogs!!
How come your Mrs. Jim is staying so slim?
Is Adi having her portions??
PS. Focaccia breads with olives, sun dried tomatoes and lots of cheese are my favorites. I'll serve you self bought form the neighbor bakery once your coming to Norway.
From Felisol
Happy birthday to whoever's birthday it was. I miss Houston's which is sort of funny because we have one not too terribly from my office but for some reason the habit didn't move west from Georgia when I did.
The birthday dinner must have been delicious.
Of course, you just HAD to tempt me with cheesy bread and fattening cupcakes!!!!
I honestly think it is your intention to see that I weigh the same as my refrigerator by the time we meet at Blogstock '08.
This food assault MUST stop!

Just kidding.

I enjoy imagining that I am eating very fattening foods. I would enjoy it more if I were actually eating them.
This Saturday is my splurge day, and I am going to pig out!!!!! Praise the Lord for splurge days!!!
I keep coming back and looking at that cheesy toast. I'm still hungry.
Mmmmmmm. Food porn.

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