Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tuesday Morning -- Here in Bentwater, our subdivision -- It's Ladies Day

First, a little story here.

At their class reunion the husband and wife were reminiscing with old friends.

The fellow kept looking at an obviously inebriated older lady.

"Do you know her?" asked his wife.

"Yes," he replied, "she is my old girfriend. She started drinking the day we broke up and has been drunk ever since."

"Goodness!" says the wife, "Who would have thought a person could go on celebrating that long?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tuesday is Ladies Day here at Bentwater. Especially on the golf course. On their play day from 40 to 60 women are matched up into flights. Those ladies play 18 holes of golf. To do that they must have a handicap of at least 36.

large picture] [super size]

Other ladies who don't want to play all 18 holes or the beginners with handicaps higher than 36 play only nine holes. Both groups have a very good comradery.

large picture] [super size]

Mrs. Jim has played in both groups, the last few have been with the 18 hole group. But today she wasn't a part of this group that we have seen above. She and her friend, Ellen, played by themselves on our other course. Mrs. Jim generally plays with the group on Tuesdays and with her golfing buddies on Fridays.

Then there is this group of ladies who don't play golf so much. They are on the tennis courts today.

large picture] [super size]

Or some go for a nice walk. More than half were wearing shorts on this nice warm spring day.

[large picture] [super size]

Congregating on the street is nice too. Do you think these ladies might be exchanging the latest in neighorhood gossip?

large picture] [super size]

Adi had a nice walk also. We went on a different route yesterday, and got to see a lot of different sights than we usually do on our fairly set routine.

large picture] [super size]

We met this fellow and the dalmation. Adi and I exchanged greetings, Adi and the dalmation declared they had enough, both growled a bit and raised the hair on their necks and backs. They went on their way.

large picture] [super size]

Then there were these ducks. Just minding their own business, aren't they?

large picture] [super size]

If Adi could have her way, those ducks would be hustling along out of there.

large picture] [super size]

Do you think Adi could play golf? And that I could be her caddie? She directed me to get her Big Bertha Light. Wait a minute, that's my driver club she wants!

large picture] [super size]

That borrowing of clubs serves her right. Look, she's lost her ball out here in the rough.

large picture] [super size]

[large picture] [super size]

All's well that ends well. We had a bowl of my left-over chicken potato and vegetable soup that I made for last weekend. And a coke and my meds (in the wrong case) for me.

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Hey...I have the same meds case. I recently updated to it, too.
I would really love to see Adi swing a golf club.
Hi Jim, I bet Adi used the fire Hydrant, and would have loved to chase the ducks cause Adi can...
I'm not a golfer, I've only held a club once, but it looks like a good sport. I do enjoy walking and Adi and I could have some fun doing that. It looks like Adi knows where all the fire hydrants are, she would be helpful in a fire. Are you going to share the recipe for the soup? It looks good.
Cheyenne, Mrs. Jim got me that med case. There is one for every day of the week if I would but use it that way.
It doesn't hold but about half of what I need to take each day.
Adi is a slow learner for golfing. She doesn't even have a good swing.

Jeanette, Adi rations her scents and yes, she does have some for most spots she likes.
She loves to chase the big birds off their posts, making them fly off into the water.
The best thing about golfing is that it gets people out of the house or away from their work.
Walking Adi does that too.

Lucy, I will share the soup recipe. It is a basic potato and vegetable soup. Meat, seafood, etc, can be added.
It came from the Houston Chronicle back in the late 90s.
We use it for sick people instead of chicken soup. Half of this went to Billy who has had the flu/cold that is going round.
He liked it with chicken added.
So did we.
I will
Looks like you live in a very nice area Jim and so nice you have those amenities that you, Mrs. Jim, and Adi can all enjoy!!

Glad you got out and enjoyed the nice weather!
Good Afternoon Jim,
"THANK YOU" for stopping by and checking on us. I appreciate it very much. Looks like you live in a very nice place and have plenty of things to keep you and the Mrs. busy. You Adi looks like she has fun as well. I had worn shorts the last couple of days here. It's back to sweats and pants now. It is currently 39 degrees and on the windy side. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. Your Chicken Soup and Vegetables looks very yummy. I fix homemade chicken noodle soup alot and that's the only kind of chicken noodle soup our girls will eat.

Karen H.
sounds and looks like ya had a good day and som~tang good to eat!

thanks for stopping by!

take care
Love all the photos you posted Jim. Looks like a great neighborhood. Thanks for pointing this out!
That soup looks might tasty!

I misread one of your sentences.
I read it like this:
"On their play day from 40 to 60 women are matched up into FIGHTS."
I had this image of all those women fighting with each other. I realized my error and had a good chuckle.

Ladies' Day sounds gooood!
LOL!!!I loved the joke. You are tooo funny. My daughter will like that one.

The job on my blog came from Becca in you big State of Texas.

Hi Jim ~~ Great post with lots of pics and info. The soup looks nice.
The joke was a good one too.
Thanks for your visit and comments.
There is an award over at my place for you. I hope you enjoy it.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
:D @ the joke.
Glad Mrs. Jim enjoys golf so much. Gem loves to play. I learned how to hold a golf club properly but that's it so far. Someday I'd like to play.
Jim, Jim, Jim, I was already hungry for a late "midnight" snack and then I saw that deeeeeeelicious soup!Yum!
Hi again Jim ~~ I am glad that you are pleased with the award. Thank you for your kind comments. Take care,
Regards, Merle.
Hi there loved the joke and very pleased to hear Adi is learning golf.
Thought for a moment Cricket was her game as it looked as though she was out for a Duck.
Cheers Margaret
Dear Jim,
Love your everyday report and pictures from the Texan spring.
If a man is left home working while his family are gone (for vacations, mostly), he's called a grass-widower in Norway.
The Ladies on the golf course are giving that word a new dimension.
From Felisol
Very nice collection of photos. Adi and the ladies are all very photogenic.
Yummmmmm - please pass the soup!
That Adi sure does look like she is searching hard for her ball out there in the rough! She is very cute!!

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