Saturday, February 02, 2008

Winter 2007-2008 is over! The ground hog can't see his shadow, stays out

Our groundhog wouldn't pose, but Adi sure would.
(Note the time, two minutes after sunrise)

[large picture] [super size]

Do you believe me now? See, Adi sure doesn't see her shadow. So she's looking for something else.

[one size picture fits all]

Don't you agree that our Texas winter is over?

Montgomery, Texas, Weather

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Howdy Jim,

Well, I love dogs. Adi is beautiful and looks like she's exploring. Glad she and the groundhog didn't see their shadows. I'm ready for spring.
Dear Jim..I don't know about your Texas winter but our Ontario winter sure isn't over!!

I think Adi is looking for the airport.
Soon it will be time for her to fly over Princess and Mrs. Mac's dawg and all those blog kitties over to Canada!!!
It's been way too long since she has seen her auntie, eh?
One sad note though is that our MacDonald's has been torn down so no more Big Macs for the poor girl ...Does Adi like hotdogs? Yeh? Well hotdogs it is... at the Dairy Queen!....Love Terry
Now Jim, you know how fickle weather is down here. You are probably right but I'm not planting my tomatoes seedlings just yet.

Adi has been inside all night long, we know what Adi is looking for. No wonder she can't see her shadow.
Willie saw two squirrels and a rabbit on our hike this morning which I think means 28 more years of summer.
Our high is supposed to be 73 tomorrow. Today was warm too. My daughter calls our weather Bi Polar Weather. One day it's up and the next day you're freezing your bohunkus off.
Adi is a good weather dog.
Your winter might be over. It's been very warm here but now we are supposed to get storms. I don't care for those if they are bad ones.

Adi is so pretty. She looks like she is on the trail!

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