Thursday, April 10, 2008

Busy busy

Here's why:

[click picture to enlarge]

Three and a half days to go!

Check off the Income Tax stuff, they are all mailed along with the estimated tax returns and checks.

The bills are mailed, need to 'call' on one.
Have added 'Assimilate travel documents' along with the 'Passports.'
Should also say add a jail blog.
Ah ... the old jail blog, eh? My police officer hubby carries a Monopoly 'get out of jail' free card behind his badge ... once in a while, if he presents it to one of his 'customers' ... Sounds like a nice trip ... can't wait to see some pictures and follow along with your journey. Be safe.
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Our's are done - wish they weren't. It's going to really, really going to hurt this year.
That may be why I have have been all these bad dreams lately.
Hi Jim ~~ Thanks for your comments. Glad you liked the baby pictures, they did brighten the post. I see
you are getting a few things ticked
off your list, Are you sure that that Mom who liked Burban didn't mean
Bourbon?? Bye again. Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim,
You still have a few ticks to put on that list, Dont forget the camera, have a great time holiday and dont trip over anything . come back all intact///
Knee and elbow pads? Did you finish with the tumbling lessons.
I didn't see your wifes name on the list. Don't forget her.
Hi Jim, You asked me about walking in Ireland and the rights of way. I've never been to Ireland and have no idea of what the situation is with regard to walking - sorry. Its not quite a free for all in England, its true that most of the non cultivated areas are now open access and so you are free to wander at will, other places are covered by footpaths and provided you are on the path then you have a right of passage the same as on a public highway. Even if you stray from the path all they can do is ask you to return to it. Anyway all that is of no use to you so I will go back to Ireland and on checking a few websites it seems that the walkers in Ireland are less fortunate than us in that rights of way are quite restricted, ckeck out this site to see what I mean. I hope you have a good holiday Jim.
Hopefully, you've checked off most of those things by now.

How exciting!!!!
I will sure enjoy seeing photos and hearing tales about your Irish adventures.


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