Friday, April 04, 2008

Dream Interpretation # 1001

Cliff said...

Dear Dr Jim, I keep having this recurring nightmare. I wake up in the middle of a large city in Texas. And to top that off my roof begins to leak and I can't find anyone to fix it.

What do you think this means?

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Dr. Jim answered ...

Cliff’s dream interpreted using The Watkins dictionary of Dreams:
Key words here are large, city, middle, Texas, recurring, and (if in the dream) roof. We will examine each of these by themselves, and then put together the meaning of this dream.

Large equates to bigness. Things in dreams often seem larger than they are.

Largeness relates to threatening influences like teachers or parents.
City means an aspiration for something high and lofty, similar to a looming mountain (i.e. Texas), waiting to be climbed. The city is waiting to belong to the dreamer.

Cities also are indicative of large population centers. Whenever people congregate there become temptations. Example of when the Devil took Jesus to the holy city on the mountain for temptation (Matthew 5:5)
A populous city, i.e. a large city, means a desire of communion with someone there. (Hint: Lucy S. and Jim H live in a large city)

Middle reinforces the feeling of lostness you are having. Lostness, hopelessness, you can’t fight it.

Recurring is an unconscious attempt to rectify defaults or defects in the dreamer’s attitude to life, or deep-seated prejudices triggered by an episode you are trying to forget. (it was a quick trip and he did not have time to visit Lucy and/or Jim)
More appropriate here, recurring can immunize against the effects of some dreaded event by going over and over with it again and again.

Roof equates to a hat or protection.

Now, the application for Cliff:
Whether in the dream or not, your protection in living where you are is fading away. I don’t know if the roof really is leaking but that is irrelevant here, you feel the need for a better roof.

Since it is a recurring dream, you will be immunized to the fear of making this heretofore-dreaded change in your life to rectify your misgivings.

And you want to be involved in something big (large), a city more specifically. Why? Well, it is your desire to be in communion there with some friends who are not threatening among all those strangers (populous place). Lucy and Jim are perfect for this; we will help you resist the temptations you will encounter there. We are latently dwelling in your thoughts because you were so close to your friends the last time you were in Houston but couldn't stop. I’d have recurring dreams too if I did that!

In a nutshell:
You may very well be abandoning that old, formerly secure home you had, and move to the largest city in Texas, Houston! You are welcome to visit or to move here near Lucy and Jim any time.

You didn’t mention, but was there a desire for pleasure the year round? Such as golf courses that never close for winter?

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Jim, Cliff didn't actually say the word "dream", he said "nightmare". Does that change the meaning of the dream/nightmare?
Thanks, Lucy, for pointing that out. You have a keen eye and memory.
It is in his point of view, so it's all relative. One man's nightmare (Cliff) is another man's dream (Jim).
I will look in my book to be in touch with things as this might come up again.

Thanks for the analysis Jim. I can now die happy.

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