Monday, April 14, 2008

A short jail sentence, no waiting around, got to go!

See more at Doonagore Farmhouse B&B

[ large picture] [super size]

Muckross Drive House B&B (link) -- We will spend three nights here, last year we spent a night also. This is a wonderful place to be a 'base of operations.' The rooms are comfy, the breakfast is superb, and Bridie is sooooo nice.

Last night in jail! (picture tour and here)

And Adi?

Adi can.

Adi can get her suitcase packed!

She doesn't like flying so Mitch and Carmen will keep her. Thank you guys.

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Dear Mr.& Mrs. Jim,
please say hello to Ireland from me.
Wish I were there.
From Felisol
Hurry back. Adi doesn't look at all happy.
Hi Jim ~~ Thanks for your e mail with the info that oak trees DO produce acorns when they are a few years old.
The one you planted at 2 1/2 feet high that grew into about 25 feet in
just 9 years and has acorns. Maybe things really are bigger and better in Texas. Enjoy yourselves and look forward to the photos when you get home. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Adi looks sad! Have a good time and take lots of pictures.
Hi Jim and Mrs Jim enjoy you holiday, Adi looks very sad
Ahhhhhh, Ireland be beautiful, Laddie.

Adi will miss you. I hope you bring her back a clover-shaped dog biscuit.

ENJOY your trip!!!!!!
I think Adi is peeved at you for leaving her... again.
Thanks guys for the hellos and travel wishes.

We did the Regency in Dublin and did Dublin in. Last night was the 'Farmhouse.' Both had wonderful Full Irish Breakfasts.
Billy and Mrs. Jim are playing the Old Course at Lahinch now, Karen and I are touristing, just finished the Adare Golf and Hotel, now in the library checking e-mail.
Now, tonight for three nights is the B&B at Killarney. Karen and I will kiss the Blarney stone again.

And yes, we are taking a lot of pictures.
What do you mean Adi's Grampa? You are saying that Adi has been playing pilot to all that great host of cats and dogs and flying them over to Canada?
Don't tell me that it is so that she doesn't like flying!!
Flying with Amber, as she, dear pussy cat is the proverbial back seat driver meowing out directions!
Please tell me it is not so!

Love Terry
Hi Jim!!! I'm catching up on my blog reading and you are leaving! Have a wonderful trip!! Adi will miss you and so will we, but hopefully you can update some?
Gee, Jim, it's my fault that I didn't know you were going away... and Ireland yet! How wonderful! I hope you are enjoying yourself! All my grandparents were Irish... I'm an Irish lass but I've never been to Ireland! Hurry back!
I hope you are having a GRAND time!!!!

Hi Jim & Mrs Jim.
Hope you both have a great trip,
but poor Adi looks glum.
stay well

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