Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We're Back - Behind the Scenes ( A guest post)

By Billy and Karen

We accompanied Jim and Mrs. Jim to Ireland and all had a great time. We had our camera and thought we would document some of the activities Jim would never show himself. They showed us two different ways to spend time on holiday.
Can you spot the differences in the video?

In all seriousness, they were great guides and helped us travel the whole country. I think between Karen and Jim they took over 800 pictures. I am sure Jim will provide updates in the coming days. Now back to the original blog.

Doesn't Jim know that you are supposed to run yourself silly on vacation? Poor guy was probably tuckered out! I love that music.....
Thank you Billy, this is well done.
The scene was on a bench outside the Trinity College (Dublin) Library and gift shop.
The others were inside, the newspaper I had was very boring, and the sunshine was comforting and warming.
Jim, great photos and that video is priceless and funny! Hello to Mrs. Jim and Karen!
Was that Mrs. Jim or Billy on the golf course? Looked like a lot of clubhead speed!!!!!!!!
That was all Mrs. Jim... Billy stood behind and took the picture. He seemed to be the cameraman for all of this!

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