Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Gettysburg National Cemetery, resting place of some of the U.S'. finest, pictures are below.

Please don't forget those other finest who gave their lives for our country. There are also many who are living now whose lives have changed forever in one way or another by their fight for freedom.

Over 16,000 of those living are homeless in Texas. In Houston, one of three homeless persons are veterans.

Fly your American flag in their honor!

[large] [super]

[large] [super]

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Adi and her American flag!

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I just love a patriotic dog. And a Beagle at that. You go girl!
Hi Jim ~~ Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes and you sang very
nicely. I didn't think you'd get to 74 of them. I have had a great weekend and got 3 more cards today
and also went out for lunch today, so it is lasting well.
I hope your Memorial Weekend was
pleasant, and your trip to Louisiana
a good one. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Happy Memorial Day, all. Willie's more of a Joe Cafferty patriot.
i just love adi, while you are at rememembering, be sure to remember service dogs and dogs who lost their life in 9-11, and firemen and policemen
Jim, is that the Veterans Memorial Cemetary? I don't live that far from there.....I wanted to go to the ceremony there this morning but I didn't get out early enough.

Adi, looks very nice with her flag. Some boy scouts came by our house several weeks ago and were trying to earn scout camp money. They asked TF if he would buy a "flag" service, where they would come put a flag in front of our house on several holidays. I woke up this morning and there was the flag in our front yard, waving in the breeze. Just before dark, they came by and picked it up. TF took some pictures and posted about it on his blog.

TF and I watched the history channel most of the day....I sure do like watching the History channel.....

Hope you had a great day.
Hi Jim. I see Adi is flying the flag.
hope you had a nice Memorial Weekend..
Thanks for the birthday wishes for Alyce. ill pass them on..and i look forward to reading about your family's achievements...
Dear Jim....We are still flying several American flags on our porch and they will stay there.
Bernie and I appreciate all that the American soldiers have done not only for the States but also for our homeland of Canada.
If it hadn't been for the sacrifices that they made to keep evil forces out, I am sure that Canada would have been in a mess!

Adi is a true patriot, eh Jim?
How is the little guy these days anyways?...Love Terry

you may or may not have missed my WIT, i heard exactly what that person said and it wasn't a hole, nope pretty close though
So many gave their lives over the years for our freedoms. They should always be honored and remembered.

That's a superb shot of Adi and the flag!!!!

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