Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Jim Bunch Eats! We have a graduation party! A cute little quiz contest?

Flash! Where we will be until Saturday night, click here to see

First the party and eating [click any picture for larger size]

Son, Tim, cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the outside grill over at his friend's, Terry's, house. Then we had the trimmings and beans and potato salad. Dessert was a nonfat pineapple cream pie and a calorie laden chocolate cake.

We had this family graduation party for Megan and James last Saturday. Megan, Grandchild # 2 (GC#2), and her boyfriend, James, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin on May 16 of this year.

Both of them are staying in Austin for about another month while they finish taking their CPA exams. Again, being a nerd in college pays, they each graduated with honors!

Their degrees are a BBA in Accounting and an MBA in Professional Accounting. We are proud of them. Megan finished all this in five years and never changed her major, even once. [changing your major gives you hours that aren't needed for the latest degree and other classes are needed, all this taking extra time.]

The two part quiz contest, rules first

1. Contest ends July 21, you may change your answer until then. The last answer form turned in counts.

2. Part A. Place a name for each facial shot--35 points

3. Part B. Match the feet with the face--70 points

4. Submit your answers by copying and filling out the form found here. When you are ready, submit your completed form as a comment. Comment modulation allows you to have privacy in your answer sheet.

5. After you turn in your answer sheet, leave a short comment on this blog.

6. The faces can be any of these party attendees: Daughter Susie and hubby, Anthony; son Tim and girlfriend, Terry; granddaughter Megan and friend, James; and Mrs. Jim.

(Not pictured were: son Mitch and wife, Carmen; son Mike and wife, Sharon; granddaughter Jenna and boy friend, Chad; and me, Jim. The couples had to leave earlier, I was taking pictures. Not in attendance were daughter Karen and hubby, Billy, and granddaughter BP.)

7. Family members are not eligible for the 'name the face' portion of the contest.

8. Go to work on it.

Face pictures, Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7
for Susie, Anthony, Tim, Terry, Megan, James, and Mrs. Jim, not necessarily in that order:

The seven feet, letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G:

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oh, wow, that foot thing is wonderful, my girls, mother, grandmother , sister of my wife and her two daughters undressed their feet , put them all in a circle together, and some one {roddie} with a camera got a top view and then framed the picture, cabeeesh?
Gday Jim. congrats to the happy pair on the graduation.

1&6 mrs Jim
6&3 Jim
5&1 james
4&7 Megan
2&2 Susie'
3&4 Tim
Ray has left a new comment on your post "The Rules and Submitting Procedure":

This is hard.
What do I win?

Dear Jim,
you're really mad. I appreciate that.
The only one one I feel I know is Mrs. Jim, a gorgeous, slim and good looking woman.
She must be #1 (good man, always put your wife first) with feet #7.
I vaguely remember her slim figure in just those jeans.
As for the others; hairy men's legs in shorts, who can tell??
They are unfamiliar territory. Norwegians do not wear shorts, even for casuals.That's a beach only outfit.
From tired and happy Felisol
Dear Jim...What a happy celebration!!
And lots of good eats for sure! It is way too late at night for me to be trying to figure out who is who, especially their feet!
Is the contest open until tomorrow?

Jim I think that you are as crazy as me when it comes to taking strange pictures.
I once put my head under our scanner and scanned my face over to Betty's.
It was NOT a pretty sight.
And then Bernie who always likes to get the better of me, scanned over his foot.
It was so funny!!
Betty collaged Bernie's face on Bernie's big toe and then she scanned THAT over!!
We laughed and laughed over that but Betty's husband, John gave me real tongue lashing about my putting my head into the scanner. "With all of that radiation", he told me "you could of did some serious damage to yourself!!"..HA!!!
By the way Gramps, why is Adi being snubbed, eh?
Did you get the ecard I sent to you and Mrs. Jim and my niece, Adi, or did it end up in the junk mail bin?
When I send an ecard, I always make them personal. I never send the same card to a whole bunch of people with the same message!
Well I had better hit the sack.....Love Terry
Hey Jimmie...I was all set to copy Jeanette's answer, but then I noticed she only had six names down and there are seven pictures.
Maybe I should copy down Ray's answers.
My Felisol is no help at all!! Of course everybody recognises that pretty Mrs. Jim...Love Terry
Congratulations to the graduates Jim! I tried doing the foot thing but got all confused and quit! I kept changing my mind, so I don't know which feet belong to who, but I thought 1&B, 3&C, 4&E, 5&A.
This quiz is so confusing my mind is exploding.
I certainly know Mrs. Jim & Megan & James.
I'm sure they all have better looking feet than I do.
My feet are hitonious!
Congrats to the graduates!!!!!!

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