Monday, July 14, 2008

Who is this man? (Quiz)

We have a winner, Felisol! Congratulations!

Hint: No one I found in Colorado. He was found by the cops in NYC, last name Morse. A long time ago.

What Felisol said:

"Dear Mr. Jim,
Yeah, found the Octoberbug with picture and all.
A NOTED FIREBUG CAUGHT; DAVID J. MORSE FINALLY AR- RESTED IN THIS CITY. Last of a Little Gang That Defrauded Fire Insurance Companies -- Their Method Was to Start Millinery Shops or Dry Goods Stores in Western Cities, and Then Came the Fires -- Two Now in Prison and One Dead.

October 4, 1896, Wednesday" (New York Times [
link]--The PDF complete story link)

Ok guys, keep guessing, the game's over.

The following answers given so far, ARE WERE INCORRECT:

No it isn't Samuel Morse.

Yes, I know the Morse Code, I don't copy the faster speeds I used to, so go slow until I get up to your speed.

No, it isn't the 'seed guy.'

No, it isn't actor Herbert Morse.

No, it isn't Salmi Morse.

No, it isn't big crook K.W. Morse.

Yes, I will tell the answer later but keep guessing.

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Well, I don't think it's Samuel. No further guesses unless he's the seed guy.
Hi Jim ~~ My guess would be Samuel Morse who invented the morse code ??
Thanks for your comments and glad you liked the Angel and poem my friend sent me, and the jokes. You and your young room-mate were on a good thing, getting the beer as well as the lady.
One of my granddaughters started work and boarded with an old lady. So caring Grandma asked "How old?" and she said "About 35." That really floored me.Rachael was 17 at the time. She is now expecting my third Great granddaughter.Take care
Best wishes, Merle.
Dear quizzy Jim,
Samuel Morse hasn't by far got the right look, at least not on the wikipedia pictures. I place my money on the British/Canadian actor Herbert Morse 1918-2008.
If the drawing was made say in 1938, there might be a weak resemblance.
Come to think of it; HM was only 20 years of age in-38. I retract my money.
Yours Felisol
I go with Samuel Morse too....Do you know the "Code"?
I don't know. Are you going to tell us?
Jim, how come so many people are saying it's Samuel Morse when you say right on your post that it isn't? Huh?

I checked all over and couldn't find out...waiting for you to tell us. :) Did miss you but Barlow Putz kept me busy! Ha!
Jim, I don't know the code but I do want to learn it. Andy Ricker has a deck of cards that teach you an easy way to learn the code.

I found out last month that my FIL used to do the code when he was in the Navy yearsssssss ago. He was supposed to be the fastest they had at the time. Is ADI home yet?
Jim, I wasn't criticizing you at all... You say right on your post that it's NOT Samuel Morse. Yes I know "guys" is 2nd and 3rd person but it's not neuter it's masculine. But in today's feminist world it refers to everybody - men and women. It is rather casual I know, but I'm a casual kinda "guy"! Ha! I hate the word "gal." :)
Is it Elihu Morse? He looks like an Elihu.
Not Elihu.

Guys always was (used as) a neuter pronoun in the Midwest.
Yes Jim,
I finally nailed the guy too.
Salmi Morsre must be your man.


Now I wonder; what's the price?
Yours Felisol
Not Salmi, Felisol, try another one. You are on the right track.
Dear Globetrotter Mr. Jim.
I suspect than you recently visited Vermont and came over the story about K.W. Morse.
I was not able to find his picture, but his crime certainly would be up your alley!!! That is the one of humor.
From Felisol the detective.

Preserving the Essence of Vermont By PAUL GILLIES

Here's the headline: "K.W. Morse Arrested." Dateline: August 1, 1909. It is not a real headline, because the offense seemed so minor at the time that nobody probably thought much of it. His crime? Swimming in Berlin Pond. Heinous as the offense seemed at the time to the arresting officer, Morse's appeal and the 1911 Supreme Court decision that bears his name was the first state action validated by our court system.

The Morse decision leads directly to Act 250 and local zoning and every other progressive, environmental idea in the century and to the idea that state government has a constitutional claim to regulate the use of private property without compensation.

The government, in this instance the state Board of Health, could enact a rule prohibiting swimming in Berlin Pond as an exercise of the police power. The power was authorized because germs from Morse's body might pollute the drinking water of Montpelier. The court announced its recognition and acceptance of the germ theory in this historic decision, and Morse paid a fine. There is no news of whether he got the deposit back on the remainder of his summer lease.

Yes, there are ample federal laws to help with the protection of the environment, but Vermont has made an international reputation on strong land use control laws, particularly Act 250, and including the anti-billboard law, the bottle redemption law, among others. All of that is possible because of Morse's dive into Berlin Pond, and his willingness to challenge the prosecution.

Against the backdrop of a dozen controversies over development in all parts of the state, in the face of a growing distaste for sprawl, and celebrations over the purchase of development rights in critical areas, Vermont is hardly through with its environmental revolution. As developable land grows scarcer, as the population base grows, there will be expected tensions between private property and public interests. Watch Morse swim by if you want to predict who'll prevail.

And the winner is . . . Ethan Allen. What? He's been dead for 200 years! Well, there's really nobody else who inspires us the way he does, as Vermonters. He isn't dead. You can't kill a revolutionary character like that merely by the passage of time.

The man had a will to keep Vermont free and independent. That's the same faith instilled in every Vermonter from the ground up, and it's taught to us by the image of this swaggering daredevil who had the sand to tell the New York attorney general that, "The gods of the valleys are not the gods of the hills."

OK, you're not buying this, I can see. But give me a second chance and I'll give you the century's own embodiment of Ethan, in the unlikeliest disguise as George Aiken, As Governor Aiken and Senator Aiken, he inspired Vermonters, and continues to do so today. "Declare victory, and leave."

It's more than a sound bite. It's a philosophy, learned on the farm when the boulder was too big to move in the pasture or the apple crop failed because of an early frost. It's about the responsibility of setting limits and facing up to reality. He was smart, but he didn't look like he was smart. He was tight with money, spending a total of $17.09 on his 1968 campaign for Senate, and we loved him for that. He was a progressive but he sounded like a conservative. He was fearless and confident about his ideas. He knew what he knew, and he wasn't afraid to say it.

Aiken still lives too. He lives on in every member of our congressional delegation, when the interests of Vermont become clear. He sits among the legislators in the Vermont State House, and informs them with his character. His character reverberates through Environmental Board deliberations, the weekly decisions of a thousand select boards, and in individual Vermonters, whose character is based at least in some degree on the fact that there was a George Aiken and he was ours, whether they knew him or not.

This is the wise old owl, the wildflower expert from Putney who became the confidant of presidents, the essential Vermonter. Talk about apotheosis!

Paul Gillies served as deputy secretary of state from 1981-1993.
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Gong again, Felisol. But is one is excellent. How about pictures? My article had this picture (over 100 years old, not copyrighted anymore).
Dear Mr. Jim,
Yeah, found the Octoberbug with picture and all.
A NOTED FIREBUG CAUGHT; DAVID J. MORSE FINALLY AR- RESTED IN THIS CITY. Last of a Little Gang That Defrauded Fire Insurance Companies -- Their Method Was to Start Millinery Shops or Dry Goods Stores in Western Cities, and Then Came the Fires -- Two Now in Prison and One Dead.

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October 4, 1896, Wednesday
From Felisol PI
Congratulations, Felisol! You worked hard to find this guy!
Congratulations to Felisol!! She did work hard!! r
Way to go, Felisol!!!!!!!

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