Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is your score? A little test here: Us and Them / We and They / Me and You / You and I

We wonder ......................They're nosy
We're cautious .................They're paranoid
We're composed ...............They're stuffy
We're concerned ..............They gripe
We're determined ............They're bullheaded

The group above isn't original with me ***, but I think it is right. Some people just are ...

We live in nice areas ........They're big city folk
We raise our kids right .....Theirs are delinquents
We keep our kids nice ..... Theirs are ruffians

It isn't hard to see where we fit in those, was it?

We spend money wisely .......They waste on self indulgences
We earn our way .................They tip the welfare bucket
We carry health insurance ....They let the public pay their health bills

And it goes on and on, the We's and the They's.

The problem is towards those last ones. Can we honestly say we are always the We's? One stroke of bad luck, like a lay-off, cancellation of that insurance, a car wreck, $1000 a month medicine bills, (you can put your troubles here).

Well, now the teacher in me comes out. Maybe we had better give ourselves a grade. High school passing is 74, college passing is 60, but it won't transfer if below 70. See what your score is.

I'm not telling my grade, you don't have to either. But 100% is perfect, if you have 100% you might tell us. I hope everyone of you get an "A" (90-100) or have a chance opportunity to work for one.

Mart De Haan, Been Thinking About, September 2008 RBC Ministries pamphlet
......Mart De Haan blog,
..... RBC Ministries,
......Us and Them lyrics (Pink Floyd)

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This is a good post on how you treat your neighbors. In some ways, the real score is not how you gossip but who you stop for when a car breaks down.
Ray asks: do we score the test?
Hi Ray, you are on your honor, you grade your own.
The honor system, my system and your honor.
Jim, it is hard to grade this test because:
1)I live in a large city, have all of my life. I do live in a nice neighborhood.
2)I worked hard to raise my kids right and still one of them decided to follow his own path and do "his own thing".
3)The Lord has blessed me with enough that I have been able to "pull my own weight", without the help of the government. I do know several people who enjoy living off of the government dole. And I know people who have had hardships and need a little help from time to time.

Mostly I have been able to share what I have with others, due to the grace of God. I am eternally thankful for what the Lord has given me and my family.

I liked doug's response.
Lucy, you score 99% on my grading table. From what I know about you (subjective) and what I see (objective).
Yes, this is a 'goodness' score, the major part of the grading is not looking down on those less fortunate.
I am a tough grader, I never hand out 100's because that doesn't leave any room for improvement.
And Doug, yes, you are correct in a big way as well!
Kudo's guys, but I think this post is a bust. I will hurry and read my car people today!

It is not where you live, but how you talk and feel about those OTHER people that you could berate.

Some some berate millionaires because THEY live in big houses, others live knock down people who live in run down houses because THEY don't have ambition or the like to get them fixed.
Anyway, I have a car in mind to read. Just got to get to it.
Lots of food for thought here, Jim.

It's good to be back home and get back into blogging again. I have missed keeping up with my blog buddies.
Dear Jim,
I guess I am fortunate belong to the less fortunate, and therefore I am not so worried about houses and stuff.
I am happy that the government forces everyone to pay health insurance and pension fond.
That's why I, after becoming unable to make money after 25 pretty hardworking years, am allowed almost free medicare and a small pension.
(Less then half of what I would earn if I regained my health and could enjoy the blessings of a sound body and the use of my skills.)
I think what we need mostly is learning not to pass judgements.
From Felisol
Dear Jim ~~ I enjoyed this post very much and also some of the comments.
It is great to have enough to be
comfortable, but others aren't so fortunate.
Take care, Regards, Merle.

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