Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just out! A knothole has been discovered in the nudist colony fence.
It's going to be OK, the police are looking into it.

Dear Jim,
May God be with you and bless you richly doing the good work for him.
Is Mrs. Jim going too?
Send her my love anyhow.
From Felisol
Ha, ha, tee, hee!!

I bet they ARE looking into it.



Dear Mr. Jim.
Things have been way too quiet without you around!
I just looked it up on google what time it is where you are and we are two hours ahead of you, so I guess that you must be sawing logs![you are 3 AM]
I guess Mrs. Jim isn't with you because she is with her sister.
I hope that everything is going fine for her sister. It just seem like everybody these days is getting heart surgery.
Betty is doing fine, although she should be slowing down a bit instead of trying to do so much!
Are they going to make you a Spanish birthday cake tomorrow Mr. Jim?
If they do, tell them not to put any candles on because they will burn the place down with THAT many candles, eh?
I haven't been talking to Adi yet about flying everybody over for the Pet Fiesta but I have been a little busy and besides I do not know where that doggie is at! Probably she thought I said Siesta instead of FIESTA!!!
Saija says that Scooter can come too and Amrita's Sheeba is patiently waiting in India for a pick up!
Well I better say good bye for now and it is so nice that you are over there for all of those kids sake! There is nothing so great as being with Spanish Christians.
They are a joyful people and they are such good singers!!!
Take care.....Love Terry
you have been so busy you haven't been able to post on ask dr. jim so i came here to find you and see you have the attention of the very pretty, very young...i gusess being an old codger has it's advantages

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