Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Show off our best Texas fall scenery

[large picture] [super sized to see a little red]
This is about as good as it will get around here. Pictures of both dogs and fall scenery. Yes, our pear trees will turn yellow before those leaves fall off but you saw them last year.

We were walking home from the pro shop where Mrs. Jim left us when she went golfing. Neither dog was very photogenic on this day. Adi wasn't too keen on sharing the picture with Katrin. Katrin hadn't had enough practice getting pretty in the nature setting yet. She will have time to learn.

As you see below, at first Adi didn't want to have ANYTHING to do with a picture with Katrin.

[large picture] [super sized]

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Jim, you are about right on the fall colors in I have been enjoying looking at the pictures Jamie Dawn and Rachel have posted on the colors....

ADI and Katrin will get used to each other before long. Right now Katrin is the step dog and you know how that is.....

Do you or Charles have a radio yet?
Lucy, thank you, yes, and Charles has his on the air, 80-2 meters.

I have a lot of radios, they just aren't hooked up right now. I could plug 2-meter rigs into my car cigarette lighter any time, I do that once in a while.
Check this,
The dogs seem to need a formal introduction Jim. Let's get to it.
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Cliff, congratulations!
Jim, Mrs. Jim, and I say "Welcome Georgia Kay!"
Welcome Georgia Kay! I am glad Great Gandma got to come too, please tel her hi for us down here.

I am sorry that you don't know these dogs. I am the beagle (Adi) and Katrin is my newly adopted by inheritance little sister, a toy poodle.
Jim introduced Katrin pretty good on the blog, I just checked.
You can read about her here,
BTW, there were twelve comments that day but none from you?
Nope Jim, I read that post the day you put it up. I meant they seem to be ignoring each other waiting for a more formal intro.
Maybe they haven't had enough time to 'sniff' each other yet.
Yep, I'm glad people just shake hands.
Yeah Jum those fall color are amazing!
Do the dogs know they are on the same planet? Same species? House mates? I guess you just can't force some friendships. Cute pictures though ... and just where is your fall scenery (ahem)?
Dear Jim,
My sympathy is with Adi.
I think she's entitled to some aloofness.
She's clearly showing who's supposed to be the main person of the household; Adi.
Wish you a peaceful(!) week-end.
From Felisol
Nice photos of your dogs. I guess I will have to share some photos of Rocky sometime!

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