Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- Bus, de bus, de bus!

Buses inside and out, outside first. This bus is a Ford. Ford makes very good automobiles, trucks and buses. This one can pass cars with a full load going up hill a mountain road.

[large picture] [super sized]

[large picture] [super sized]
Now for the inside. Could you sleep when your bus is passing a line of cars going UP a mountain road?

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Two things:
1. We were all stopped waiting for for a landslide to be cleared. This red bus was passing the stopped cars so it could get to the front of the line.
2. We were not riding in that bus, we had a more modern smaller one (not red) with air conditioning and soft seats.
I can never sleep on a bus especially on a tour bus. There's so much to see outside the window!

I see you, Jim!!!
my son love the see the red bus :D

Mine Ruby post in HERE. Hope you have time to visit. Thanks.
That is surely an eyecatcher! But I'd rather stay awake and watch outside! Grea post for RT!
Oh! Felisol is going to be so scared when she sees this big bus!
I just love it Jim...So Red So shiny!
You know what I am doing? I am getting caught up on ruby comments on this old computer,while I cook up my Ruby Tuesday Donna on my lap top!! It is Donna's birthday.
Take care...Love Terry
Yikes! It's good to know there weren't any cars or buses coming downhill at the same time!!
No I don't like sleeping on a bus, but I have done it before....lol
oh my I could never do that...sleep on a bus...no way!!

but I love the shiny red!! my RT is posted.

thank you for your birthday wishes

Just catching up with some of the posts I missed, Jack.

Landslides are pretty common down south I think. I remember D2 telling me they had a problem with one, too.

Glad you weren't in that bus. It doesn't look very comfortable.
Dear Jim,
Terry is right. I have namely been sleeping in red buses one too many times. Woke up with screech while the tale of the bus hung over the fjord some 60 meters down below.
I think Terry need some old fashioned curvy, narrow mountain roads to make her get what it's all about. What about taking her with you down to Guatemala next year??
(She would also do a wonderful job among those kids, I am sure.)
From Felisol
Hi Jim! I still do Sky Watch Friday! It's actually my favorite. And I do My World Tuesday! And of course OSI on Sundays... but my cat's blog keeps me really, really busy. I may need BA... Blogger's Anonymous! I had to cut back somewhere! Must.have.sleep!
I didn't think the bus was stopped on I-35... The big windows and scenery to wish for, a tour is nice, you can enjoy the sights without the fear and anxiety you might get if you drove out here. It is easy to miss the best views from a seat on a Boeing...
Oh! That's an interesting car. UP a mountain road? No, i think my eyes will be wide open. ;p
I'm glad you had the comfy bus Jim!!
I have never spent anytime on a bus. Maybe once when I was little, I am sure I didn't sleep!
Welcome Home Jim ~~ Looking forward to seeing photos and reading more about your time in Guatamala sp?
Thanks for your comment I thought the kids in Shay's story were wonderful to give up a win to make hime happy and a heroe. It probably was a blonde driving on Cruise control. Peter and Warren are about to arrive any moment. Peter rang an hour ago to give me the chance to go out if I wanted - but I have waited this long to see them, I didn't take up his offer. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Jim, my grand-nephew would be delighted to be on that bus going uphill or not! I bought him a big yellow school bus for his 3rd birthday and he fell in love with it! Great photos for Ruby Tuesday! :)
They probably think nothing of it. I for one might be a little nervous if the bus driver pulled that stunt, but I'd guess they're so accustomed to it that it doesn't even faze them.
Can't sleep on a bus or an airplane unless I am really, really tired and have faith in the driver/pilot. I have been with people you get on an airplane and can fall asleep before it even takes off. I can't do it.
Hi Jim

Many bloggers wrote on Ruby (Red) Tuesday.
You've very nice photos =)
Take care.
Okay, the bus had me worried. Thanks for clearing that up.
I'd be nervous if I was in that bus!
Neat photo though.

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