Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- A new picture

[large picture]
This is the new picture. Mrs. Jim bought it at a boutique held at our church. Adi, the model dog, is here so you can get the perspective. Measurements are 36 inches by 52 inches.

Now, where do we put this nice picture that Mrs. Jim brought home?

[large picture]

That was to be my job to sit it on the fireplace mantel just to see. Mrs. Jim had to help me, the picture IS large.

How do you like it here? We would have to paint or surface over the mirror presently glued to the wall behind it.

[large picture]
Mr. Jim and I think it might should go where this tapestry is hanging now. Something a little taller might be nice in that spot over the doorway to Mrs. Jim's study.

[large picture] [super sized]

We both like the tapestry, our builders wife and our friend helped us find it. Oagga knows how to shop for prices as well. She also paints. Oagga was with Mrs. Jim at the church shopping and ladies luncheon and approved of this picture.

[super sized] [large picture]

Then we would move the tapestry over here, above the China cabinet. I can do that, I have an 18 foot ladder. I hung it before, per instructions from Mrs. Jim.

But we will need someone to hang the picture. It is too heavy and bulky to be up on a ladder with me.

Before we do this, Mrs. Jim isn't sure she wants to keep the frame as is. She might (have it done) cut it down to four to six inches wide or get a different frame.

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I have a boogey man under the bed poem posted at JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO PLACE for this week.

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Looking at this artwork, I thought that Adi was part of the painting. That dog is so nice looking that he could be a prop in all types of art. He could have modeled for a part in that painting, for instance.

You have a beautiful abode!
Dear Jim,
Adi fit in wherever you place her. Some starry photo model.
You at least have space to hang your new painting, even though one might break one's neck to have a look at it.
My advise; when you can afford that lofty house and a painting to go; rent a handyman to do the hanging up.
Broken bones heal slow after a certain age.
From Felisol
PS I like the frame of the painting as it is now. I gives depth to the landscape painting, and probably is original.
Nice shots. Such a cute dog LOL.
I love the artwork and such lovely place you have there, Jim!~
Beautiful painting! I love it in that frame. The tapestry will really add a lot to your dining area over the China cabinet...
A well decorated house!
Adi is so lovely. Such a good model

you have a beautiful home
The new picture is really lovely.
It looks great over the fireplace, but since I have a mirror over my fireplace, I'll vote for the mirror to stay where it is.
You and Mrs. Jim will find just the right spot for it.
The tapestry is lovely too, as well.
You've got really interesting ceiling lines, and very high ceilings which give your home a majestic feel.
Very elegant.
My what high ceilings you have! Cool. I vote for reframing it and hanging it over Mrs. Jim's little study where the tapestry is now. And I think the picture of Adi sitting in front of it should be framed. What a good puppy!
Lovely artwork, lovely home.
Hi Jim,
What a beautiful home you have!
I vote for over the fireplace - to me it already looks at home there and makes the room look warmer than a mirror. That's just my vote. :)
Lovely purchase, lovely pose with the dog, lovely home, have a lovely Ruby Tuesday!
Love your house and it's a great picture which will fit in nicely. I love the frame as it is, gives the picture real depth and looks really impressive. I think it would be a pity to cover the mirror ove the fireplace so agree with you it would be better where the tapestry is now - just be careful when hanging and definitely get a handyman to do it if you can :-)
Adi, I'd love to help you out here, but I'm terrible with interior design. Especially in somebody else's house.

It's a real nice painting though!
I like the picture best on the fireplace mantel. I also think you have a lovely china cabinet!
Good pic for Ruby Tuesday.
I like the artwork and I think that it looks pretty good on the fireplace! Adi looks sad, perhaps the dog prefers not to pose with the artwork!!
Jim, I like the picture and the frame. I am terrible with design so you are going to have to figure that one out on your own.....ADI does seem to pose a lot, do you pay her the proper modeling fees?
That's a nice picture but it is rather large.
hey there are no nudes in your tapestry...i got one from iran with nudes and tried to put it on the flooe as a throw rug and my wife said i was wicked and perverse
Nice painting. Nice model dog. Just have someone else hang it up, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a way of tripping over things. Don't need you falling down ladders too. I like it above the fireplace mantle, so leave it there ;)
Hi Jim ~~ Beautiful painting and your home looks lovely.
Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoyed the jokes. Take care,
Regards, Merle.

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