Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas tree named Joy — Did you find the angel? — Joyeux Noel

This tree belongs to a friend whom I visited yesterday.
Isn't it pretty? I call it a
peppermint tree.

[large picture] [super sized]
A bow on top, not an angel

[large picture] [super sized]
It was about two feet from the top

[large picture] [super sized]
Mrs Jim made and designed this wreath
Friend Nancy made the bow for her
(Mrs. Jim made the signs)

[large picture] [super sized]
The tree is much prettier than the picture I took.

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What a wonderful Christmas tree - love the angel decor, too. Isn't it fun putting it up? My husband and I did ours weeks ago *lol*
Very pretty! A little too organized for me. We put our tree up last Saturday morning. I was in the kitchen making cookies and TF was in the living room with our two grandkids decorating the tree. We had ornaments as old as 100 years old to put on the tree as well as those we have collected all the years of our marriage to put on the tree. Jocelyne, who is 3 yrs old, clapped and cheered every time she put an ornament on the tree. She got special pleasure out of putting angels on the tree. JJ, who is 7 yrs. old, got more enjoyment out of exact placement. All three had a wonderful time. When they got done, I had fresh baked cookies for them to eat..... I sure hope this makes memories for them.....Their mom and dad are not putting up a tree this year because they are going to see Great Grandma in Florida for Christmas this year....
That is a nice tree and given the name I am assuming it is edible.
Dear Mr. Jim...This tree is really pretty!
It was nice of your friend to let you take a picture of it. I guess you never leave home without it, eh Mr. Jim?
That bow looks right nice perched at the top!
Your friend is so fortunate to have so many people loving her!

How has my niece Adi doing these days? Give her a bone!....Love Terry
Sreisaat -- Mrs. Jim put ours up almost two weeks ago also. It is green with gold ornaments and gold tinsel.
I'll post it when ~~~~~

Lucy -- We called her ahead of time so she must have straightened some things to look that organized. You ought to see her book cases and fireplace mantel.
We throw all ornaments over three years away except the dated ones. We keep them five years.

Ralph -- The peppermint sticks and candy are edible, yes.

Terry -- I always have my camera in my pocket. You do also I am thinking.
Yes a lot of people love her and her family. They have many health problems and other troubled situations, we had prayer before we left. You may also.
Hi Jim,
So glad you stopped by today.
I love this tree. I couldn't do all red and white but I do enjoy others.
Mrs. Jim made a gorgeous wreath too.
I will probably post through Tuesday. Probably just short ones.
Merry Christmas to you and your family. I will try to get back by though before then.
Hi Jim, I like the way the tree shows the light. I think Mrs Jim did a good job on the wreath too. Bob.

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