Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a blessed and merry Christmas!

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The message of Christmas
is that Jesus is God's Son,
born to be the King whose
universal rule can never end.

We bought this nativity set in Bethlehem, Israel, in 1980. There are many more pieces but these we have had out all year long and just didn't get the rest out this year.

Mrs. Jim had given the angel to our friend who died of cancer this year. It was returned to us after her death.

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Our prelit tree is in its third year now. One strand of lights did not work and we could not find the trouble. My suggestion, buy a $1.49 set of 50 lights at Michael's and put them over the nonworking lights. Then another string went out, Mrs. Jim put a string she had here over them.

Mrs. Jim has always had an angel at the top of her trees all the time we have been married. We may have had this angel for those 35 years, perhaps not quite that many. She decorated it basically with a gold motif this year, it is pretty in the daytime also. (Hint, I would super size it if I were you.)

Tonight there are packages under the tree but I did not take a new picture for that. Most are red or red with figures, a few are versions of green. I think I saw a gold one.


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Our stockings are hung on the fireplace. From left to right, Mrs. Jim, Katrin, Adi, and me. The red on the lower left is a poinsettia that a friend gave Mrs. Jim. We got another one tonight at the church. The preacher said they are fire hazzard (fire department said) so we would be a big help if every family took one home.

Tomorrow our family is coming up from Deer Park, Pasadena, South Houston, Houston, and Katy (all in the greater Houston area along Interstate 10). One daughter-in-law and one grandson will be absent. Mike's mother-in-law broke her foot and three ribs and has been staying with another daughter, Sharon will be with them. Grandson, Tim, will be in California with his wife as they live there now.

Update!!! Tim and his wife drove straight through to her mom's home getting there yesterday evening. They came here just after three on Christmas afternoon.
Again, each of you I am wishing a blessed and merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas to you, Mrs. Jim, Katrin, ADI and the rest of your family......My middle daughter, her husband and our two grandkids are in Florida this Christmas visiting TF's parents....It feels kind of weird without them here.....
It sure was nice to meet you and Mrs. Jim this summer in Nebraska.

Have a very Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas. Enjoy your family.
Dear Mr.. Jim
We got home rather late last night from Betty's, so I never got the chance to wish you and Mrs. Jim and Adi and Katrin a Merry Christmas but I guess it is OK today,eh if I make my rounds!
I haven't heard from you for a while but I guess this is such a busy time of year..
Dad Golden really surprised us all last night. He can usually only last a couple of hours every Christmas eve, but last night we took him and Mom Golden home at ten. When he phoned this morning, he told me that he really enjoyed himself. I really do think that all the prayers that you and so many of the blogger friends have been sending up for him has really made the difference He has become so soft and maybe at any moment dear Mr. Jim, he will accept the free gift of God. This would be the best Christmas gift that Mom and us kids could really ever wish for!

Once again Merry Christmas and the happiest New year to you all...Love Bernie and Terry
Dear Jim,
Second Day of Christmas and we're back from faraway land.
(No wireless internet connection.)
Time for Church, heavy meals, family gathering and even old fashioned games after the gifts were distributed.
I wonder; was Adi happy about her gift in the stocking. Did she unpack herself?
I also congratulate the pair of you with new swimming outfits.

Happy prolonged Christmas to all of Jim's bunch from Felisol
Jim the tree is lovely!! Love the nativity scene too! You have a beautiful home!!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

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