Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy Birthday George Beverely Shea! Happy 100!
link) (YouTube "He Touched Me")(Others)

Oh I never knew he was a hundred Mr. Jim.
He was my all time favorite singer.
You know he is Canadian ,eh?
He was born in Winchester, Ontario.
So is Homer James a Canadian.

I like the song, "Tenderly He Watches Over Me".
When I was a teenager and when I felt low, I would play this song over and over on the record player.
You remember those old vinyl records?
I must have about fifty of Mr. Shea's records still!
Thanks for letting us know about this hero of mine, Mr. Jim!....Love Terry

PS...I wonder if Amrita knows about this?
100 years old?
That deserves a WOW!!!

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