Thursday, March 19, 2009

Caught in the view from my car window while going over the long bridge

Smoke over the water
soon there will be.
I must go meet a friend,
can't wait to see.

I'm on the road again
to meet my friend.
The firefighters will come,
the smoke will end.

I'll find out tomorrow
what's in the air.
Papers will tell me then
or do I care?

I think I am having a little daja vu, because I remember seeing this photo, and reading this poem ... some days back.

I think the photo is amazing ... very unique.

Love the poem, especially the last stanza ... amusing, but so true.
I like the lyric and photo, too.

The line about "The firefighters will come, the smoke will end" makes me laugh for some reason.
Nice picture JIm.
Great photo Jim. Makes me want to put the boat in the water.
Dear Mr. Jim....Adi, Amber and Katrin are on their way back to Texas.
They sang Happy Birthday to Nathan really good but their noses are all out of joint because there was no birthday cake OR icecream..
Nothin' but cookies!! Ha!....Love Terry
Hi Jim! Nice photo and the water is so pretty!

I loved seeing all your Ireland photos too!! I'd love to visit there someday. It's so pretty.

I do hope Amber enjoyed her visit. What a pretty cat!
I didn't know you were a poet Jim!
Nice shot from the car window.
Where are you off to now, Jim?

Pray the firefighter come and the smoke will end.

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